Book Reviews

Fifty Shades Darker - Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

By: Roberto Sedycias | Jun 15, 2012 Moving to the second book for the "Shades of Gray" trilogy, we find things changing as a love-struck Anastasia Steele tries to forget her Christian by taking a job nearly 3,500 miles across the country.

Increase Your Knowledge with Various Chemistry Books

By: Paul Smith | Jun 14, 2012 Even though I am a student of commerce’s Chemistry has always been one of the most favorite subjects of mine. The reason is simple, that the information provided by the books of this subject is outstanding.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

By: Roberto Sedycias | Jun 12, 2012 In an interesting twist on a concept, we have a comic and radio show host sitting down and writing an often uproariously funny woman’s relationship guide that actually works.

The Blood Sugar Solution - Book Review

By: Roberto Sedycias | Jun 11, 2012 If you watch television late at night or even during the middle of the afternoon, you are likely to run across an ad for something that will increase your energy while decreasing something else or, in other words, make you life better, but it is much more than that.

The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment

By: Roberto Sedycias | Jun 10, 2012 There is no doubt about it, we are at a turning point in global history, one of those points, a point where many problems seem to come together and from which a new future will emerge whether that future is good or not is still in the future.

Law Books To Know Your Rights

By: Paul Smith | Jun 10, 2012 The law books in India are a collection of forces that prevents crimes, exploitation of people and plundering into the rights of groups. Acquirement of success leads to thankfulness of state law and when unsuccessful leads to blasphemy of state law.

Lifestyle Books – for making positive changes in your life

By: Paul Smith | Jun 10, 2012 Lifestyle Books illustrate the way an individual lives. An array of behaviours along with the wits of self as well as fitting in, which such behaviours symbolize, collectively describes a particular lifestyle.

Business & Economics books – the correct choice to achieve success in the sphere of business

By: Paul Smith | Jun 10, 2012 For a person who intends to learn the skill to achieve success in the field of business, the correct choice is the economics books. In tandem with economics books you can get the benefits of foresight, fortune, calculation and experience.

Finance Books – A gateway to become a millionaire

By: Paul Smith | Jun 9, 2012 There are 100's of Finance Books available in India that helps you in different aspects, from starting a new family, to launch your own business, or just to go ahead in the stock market race.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Book Review

By: Roberto Sedycias | Jun 6, 2012 Although Henrietta Lacks never imagined that she would become immortal, in a way, she has, as a bio tech company first "harvested" some of her cells and then began to grow them in culture dishes in many places where the bio material they use is known as Hera (Henrietta Lacks).
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