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Business Intelligence and Marketing Basics for Organizations

By: Marwick Bravo | Apr 19, 2014 An organization generates a lot of data. Most of this data is kept in databases, which are electronic repositories. There are many hidden aspects of such data that can be of good use for the upper management during decision making.

Designing Your Georgia Custom Commuter Mobile Kitchen and Equipment

By: Five Diamond Trailers | Jun 4, 2013 The article points out the right equipment to have by right, we mean equipment that complies with the local health codes.

Email Pen Pals Provide You A Better Option To Be In Touch With Your Prisoner Friends

By: PAULPARKER | May 6, 2013 Prison lowers down the self-esteem of a person, thereby inviting confusion and other forms of internal riots.

Sam Del Canto: 7 Tips for Killer Public Speaking

By: Samantha DelCanto | Apr 24, 2013 Lets face it – we weren’t all born to be professional public speakers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn to become one. Even though speaking in front of a large group can be an intimidating, even daunting task, it can also be fun and rewarding.

The Why and How of Heating Repair in Austin TX

By: Jamie Clasky | Mar 19, 2013 If the weather suddenly gets chilly, heating repair in Austin TX may be an absolute necessity. Get all the info you need to know in order to get a broken heater fixed.

Want To Invest In Commercial Real Estate? Get Your Facts Right

By: Karina P. | Mar 14, 2013 The real estate market has been rather unstable in the recent past. This has resulted in many seasoned investors to back out and wait for the most opportune moment when the market is more predictable, to make their investments. The significance of this watchfulness of expert investors is that they eventually make more money in deals as there are few competitors that they have to contend with.

How Franchise Consultants Can Boost Profits By Partnering with Franchise Software

By: James Taylor | Dec 17, 2012 Being in the franchise industry for 12 years, Chainformation has helped small business meet their goals with its superb franchise software development. Armed with experience and competitive advantage, Chainformation is ready to mold the next generation of franchise consultants.

What is an executive coach?

By: nickpp | Sep 24, 2012 We all know what a coach is when it comes to sports but what exactly is an executive coach? For starters they deal with leadership training and executive coaching for companies of various sizes and stature but what benefits do they bring to these companies?

Investing skills techniques coaching firm and investment process strategies

By: investingskills | Aug 29, 2012 To summarize, a great thing Learning the currency markets consistently is one way to enhance your investing skills and The ultimate observe is to keep yourself advised .

Mentoring initiatives for female entrepreneurs in the UK

By: Jason H Walker | Jun 23, 2012 Theresa May, the Home Secretary and Equalities minister, recently announced a new mentoring initiative during a speech to the Royal Commonwealth Club. She committed the government to recruiting 5,000 new business mentors to help, guide and inspire female entrepreneurs.
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