Business Coaching

Value Based Selling – The New Sales Paradigm

By: Levijmc Cray | Mar 26, 2012 Although selling value is not that difficult, it takes a systematic approach in order to do this effectively. Value-based sales are a systematic approach to making certain that the prospective buyer sees value over everything else.

The Actual (Often Unrealised) Advantages of Executive Instruction

By: Bob Brady | Mar 24, 2012 One of the biggest, and often unrecognised, benefits of executive instruction is the change of an person that might possibly not have been exerting their maximum performance or were simply not capable of giving their finest for a while.

Finding Your Niche (Making sure your niche is profitable)

By: David Solomon | Mar 22, 2012 Choosing a niche will open certain doors to you while closing others. But just as you’ll never get to see the world if you can’t decide which destination to head for first, so it is with committing to one focus for your business. The doors that will open to you once you fully commit to one endeavour will present new opportunities you may have never imagined.
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