Best Resume Writing Services: What Is Most Ideal for You?

By: Kate Ross-Myers | Jun 3, 2014 In finding out a quick way to have a winning application, most job hunters look for the best services to get a great resume. But, with hundreds of writing companies online, how can you find the ideal one?Apart from providing expert and knowledgeable writers, you also have to consider some factors that will help you identify and hire the best resume writing services.

Five Surefire Resume Writing Tips for Business Grads

By: Melinda Edwards | May 29, 2014 Healthcare- and information technology-related jobs dominate the list of in-demand jobs in the current international labor markets. This is pretty much a no-brainer as far as the US employment industry is concerned. If you are pursuing or had taken up a business course and are gearing up for a job application, don’t worry. Sure there are lots of business-related opportunities waiting to be grab

Resume Review: How to Take Advantage of It

By: Melinda Edwards | May 21, 2014 Critique isn’t always easy as it seems. It’s not just about minding all the “flaws” in an application. But it’s about giving hints to help you get the desired post. An evaluator looks at the entire document and assesses the relevance of the content. Numerous factors are taken into consideration in performing the task.

The Evolving Role of the Quintessential Administrative Assistant

By: Job Exchange | Mar 1, 2014 Irrespective of whether you wish to work in banking, law, education, manufacturing or public services; if you are looking to take up an entry level administrative assistant positions it is time you start anticipating a transformation with regards to what you do and how you do it.

Networking for Jobs in Portland during the Holidays

By: Job Exchange | Jan 15, 2014 For many, the holidays are a great time to rejoice, make merry and enjoy a break. However, if you are searching for Portland jobs, this is also an excellent time to kick your hunt back into gear.

Soft Expertise Required at Place of Work

By: Julia Juff | Jan 3, 2014 Soft capabilities enhance specialized abilities what are function addiction to any work.

Job of a Security Guard versus that of a Peace Officer

By: Job Exchange | Dec 21, 2013 The job of a security guard or an office involves implementing relevant measures to protect lives and properties. Security guards are most often confused with peace officers who are in fact assigned by the state with an aim to enforce law and preserve peace in public.

De-coding Tell Tale Signs that it is Time to Find a New Job

By: Job Exchange | Nov 27, 2013 You have been thinking about changing careers for a long time now but wish there were more signs that would confirm your thoughts. With over 84% of Americans claiming to want a new job, you are not along on this boat.

XSL: Reigning the World of Web design

By: Job Exchange | Nov 16, 2013 Of the many Silicon Valley employment opportunities, web designing as a profession has still maintained its prominence in the technology business.Web designing as a business goes through a cycle of innovation, designing, implementation and then an exit which quite often paves way for some new technological advancement in designing websites.

Abandon policies, back procedures - a winning idea for the month-end!

By: Sadie Hawkins | Oct 15, 2013 With the busy month-end close processes and regulatory pressures rising, you may think it makes sense to implement formal written reconciliation policies? No!
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