How to Plan a Green Corporate Event Effectively?

By: Gianna Davis | Sep 25, 2012 Recession or no recession, multinational companies across the world are actively planning events, which are huge on scale from the setup point of view and massive in terms of budget. However, with various environmental threats looming large on the horizon, organizations are showing serious concerns as to how they can contribute to sustainable development for the future. Accordingly, they have adop

Studying The Philosopy of Dr. Eric Amidi

By: Joe Dugan | Jun 17, 2012 Dr. Eric Amidi states that we can accomplish great things when we vividly envision and genuinely feel our achievement. His writings that you can find on the a lot of publications of this quantum physicist will help you to understand some of his philosophy that are designed to instruct us in the proper ways to utilize our subconscious minds to accomplish great things that we desire.

Five Steps For Running A Successful Meeting

By: gardnerwilkinson | Jun 9, 2012 You've established where your meeting in Fresno, CA will be held. You know who is invited and what the goals of your meeting are. You understand how many people will be there and the specific roles that those people have to play.

How to Begin a Conference Call with Audio and Web Conferencing Service

By: Stuart Railson | May 31, 2012 To begin a conference call with audio and web conferencing service includes preparation before meeting, share a commonality, tag-team, utilize video, put a face to each name, get chatty with participants.

WebEx Web Conferencing Solution For Powerful and Effective Meetings

By: Stuart Railson | May 25, 2012 WebEx web conferencing solution allows your team to build stronger relationships and get more work done regardless of their location by delivering powerful, effective, engaging and collaborative meeting results.

Calendar Printing

By: Henry Careey | May 20, 2012 What day is it? No, I’m not an amnesiac or someone with terrible head trauma, I just don’t happen to know what the day is. Since its invention, the calendar has been the best tool for telling what day it is.

Big data means big opportunities for business according to the CEBR Report

By: Jason H Walker | May 12, 2012 ‘Big data’ is a rather confusing and amorphous term that can mean so many different things to different people. A recent survey by Computing illustrates this perfectly. In order to get to the crux of the issue and find out precisely what the term meant to its readership, Computing issued a 10 word challenge: explain what big data means to you in 10 words or less.

Greening Sustainability consulting

By: kuhnassociate | May 8, 2012 In life, we've got all found that we are able to either do the work ourselves or pay somebody to try to it for us. The foremost reason that we have a tendency to rent somebody to try to the work is that this person will the work higher or will the work faster than we are able to. It is sensible to rent somebody to handle the task if it's a giant distraction to your work or outside your competencie

Event Center Denver – Practical Issues to Consider

By: Ryan Ray | May 5, 2012 To get started with choosing the right venue or event center Denver for your next special event, you will need to have a rough guest list prepared and some idea of what the schedule is going to look like.

Ballrooms in Denver – Features to Look For

By: Ryan Ray | May 5, 2012 There are numerous event spaces throughout the Denver metropolitan area that you can choose from when you are throwing a private or business event. The right venue will depend on a variety of factors.
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