Currency Trading

Trade What You See, Not What You Think

By: Andrew Hewerdine | Aug 9, 2013 Understand the difference of trading what you see, versus trading what you think. Learn to trade with an open mind, without a bias as to which way you ‘think’ the market is likely to move.

Exchange Currency Rate Determinants and Trends: A Brief Understanding

By: Julia Bennet | Aug 7, 2013 Currency values are measured on a relative basis. It’s a vast and decentralized market that has the biggest asset class in the world. Economic, political and even trader perceptions determine the exchange currency rate. Therefore, it is next to impossible for an individual trader to anticipate and predict the rates that are ever-fluctuating. In the currency exchange market, two words are commonl

Designing Forex Robots for Better Trading

By: James Smith | May 24, 2013 Designing a Foreign Exchange robot (Forex robot) is a challenging task for programmers. It is not easy to create Forex robot. It requires highly professional programmer. But being a programmer is not enough to create Forex robot.

Swing Trading Strategies Can Make You Consistently Profitable

By: Andrew Hewerdine | May 14, 2013 I know that a lot of you are searching for that elusive way to make money trading. You’ve tried them all; Swing Trading Strategies, indicator based strategies, harmonic trading strategies, automated strategies. You just can’t seem to settle on one, and use it to make consistent profits in the financial markets. That’s where this article comes in to play. I’m going to talk you through how y

Use of Software For Currency Trading

By: James Smith | Apr 11, 2013 Forex trading is also known as currency trading. This form of trading is carried out in six days a week and is known to be as the largest trading market in the world. It is a dematerialized market that is governed by the governments and securities of the world.

Read The Five Reasons to Join Forex Trading World

By: James Smith | Mar 26, 2013 Forex trading is the largest medium for trading in currency of various countries across the world. It is one of the professional ways to do the currency trading. The trading can be done from anywhere

Requirement for the Successful Forex Trading

By: James Smith | Mar 26, 2013 In Forex trading, there is a high level of risk involved that can turn into a major loss if not handled properly. Never ever enter into trading by considering it as gambling. Playing Forex as gamble can turn into a greater loss. Trader must put all his concentration while trading and take suggestions from the experts.

Currency Management in Forex Trading

By: katie simone | Mar 23, 2013 Money as a sensible and accessible means that of expenditure that meets every day monetary demands. Opt for a savings account that creates money promptly obtainable, or a fixed-term account with probably good returns.

How to Choose Brokers and Online Trading Features

By: monty law | Mar 22, 2013 If you want to have a successful trading experience, then you have to choose a broker with good reputation.

Why Aren’t Good Job Figures Helping Sterling in the UK?

By: Vantage FX | Mar 13, 2013 This is an article about how the UK economy will or wont be effected by current employment figures and if that will affect Sterling in the UK.
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