The ultimate website for books on your ipad

By: HarisonScholar | Apr 13, 2012 Bookboon’s offer free online e-books for all students and all subjects.

Vishv Books takes on E- Publishing

By: Genie Pr | Apr 13, 2012 Vishv Books is trying to cover the gap for Indian readers by providing books which adhere to international standards, so that an Indian reader doesn’t has to spend more on international titles, as he can get the same quality in a more affordable price range.

DVD Cover Designer Services & Why They Can Significantly Boost Your Sales

By: Bruce McCloud | Apr 7, 2012 DVD Cover Designer experts know how to turn products into successful ones. A DVD Cover Designer must be persuasive through a creative impression to boost sales. What do you do to make this possible?

Learning has become digital too with e-learning!

By: Samantha Kirk | Mar 28, 2012 Thanks to computers, education has advanced to being digital. Earlier, computer education was about computers rather than with computers.

Mobile Payments: Commerce Made Easy

By: Bildad Franklin | Mar 22, 2012 Everyone is able to purchase the whole thing they could necessity with just the particular touch for this icon unveiled it’s as simple as flipping around the cellphones in the present day.

A Good Ebook Design Beefs up the Salability of Book

By: Sam Johnson | Mar 7, 2012 Ebook design is a compelling factor for the readers. A properly designed ebook bumps up a book’s salability by many folds.

Ebook Design – How to Create a Good One

By: Sam Johnson | Mar 2, 2012 Good design is crucial to how your ebooks will sell in the market. It may not be a daunting task to create attractive ebook design if you follow some tips step wise.

Learning Some Lesser Known facts About eBook Conversion

By: Paperless Publishing | Mar 2, 2012 The World Wide Web has come a long way from its basic function of connecting people and make communication easy irrespective of the distance.

e learning Content Providers: Some Important Things to Consider

By: Jenny Stewart | Mar 1, 2012 When it comes to e learning content providers, time, cost and quality are some of the most important things that you should look for. Going through this article will help you know better.

The eye stone by the inflammation cheap oakley sunglasses for sale initiation

By: bella226 | Mar 1, 2012 The eye stone by the inflammation cheap oakley sunglasses for sale initiation
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