Jobs in Pakistan

By: Pak Brains | Mar 18, 2012 Jobs are the mirror of the individual, the man is known by the type of job he/she does, and so it becomes essential to land up in the best job, to create a positive image. While one is hunting for jobs in Pakistan, or jobs in Karachi, or jobs in Islamabad, then we would like to state that there are so many opportunities to grab upon.

Bank jobs in Pakistan

By: Pak Brains | Mar 18, 2012 If you are a person wanting for a career in Pakistan, then we can say that you have got the most beneficial thought, as there are lots of employment opportunities in Islamabad to be grabbed. Pakistan is surrounded by countries like gulf of omen, China, India and the Arabian Sea.

Let your creative juices flow with entertainment jobs

By: Jason Armetta | Mar 15, 2012 Entertainment is synonymous with films. A film is also known by other names such as cinema and movie. It is a powerful platform which can change the trend and thinking of the masses.

A short guide to production jobs

By: Jason Armetta | Mar 15, 2012 Media & entertainment world is bursting at its seams. The phenomenal growth of this industry has lead to the formation of new careers which was unheard of before. These unique jobs not only offer promising future but also provide immense creative satisfaction.

What Resume Mistakes to Avoid

By: Evon Barry | Mar 9, 2012 No matter how much effort we put in while writing a resume, there has never been a perfect resume for any job. While it holds true, it is also true that you cannot afford to make any mistakes in your resume either. Career-seeking or career-transition require a flawless and higher-level targeted approach.

All About Nursing Jobs in Australia

By: Avkash H. Kakadiya | Mar 9, 2012 In the medical profession, Nursing is one of the largest fields with a huge amount of personal and professional benefits. Nursing is not just a job or science but it is an art of making life better and comfortable with love and compassion. The Nursing profession is all about spending your whole life helping and giving to others.

All About Physiotheraphy,OT & Rehabilitation Jobs

By: Avkash H. Kakadiya | Mar 5, 2012 Rehabilitation is a vast term that comprises of various sub sections. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy (OT) along with the speech language therapy and audiology are the main constituents of the ‘rehabilitation processes.

U.S.’s Best Cities for Employment

By: Emma Murphy | Oct 2, 2010 According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the recession which began in December 2007 ended in June 2009. That makes the 18-month recession the longest and deepest downturn for the U.S. economy since the Great Depression. However, there have been impacts on the global economy and especially job markets. Employees still find it hard to find jobs in many parts of the world while some cities in the American have top-notch employment prospects. Many largest companies have been moving to the cities and industries see a considerable growth.

U.S. unemployment rate held firm at 9.5%

By: Michael Hudgen | Aug 10, 2010 Although July saw more employment figures, 71,000 jobs created by private companies (the Labor Department report), they are still anemic. In addition, financial recovery is slow on its right track.
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