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In just five minutes, you can easily reduce one of your largest monthly bills by 50%.

By: Devon Bass | May 20, 2011 Take advantage of the deregulated electricity market by changing providers today.

Start working on your savings now

By: Mandy Waters | Apr 14, 2011 Believe it or not, it is never too late to start saving. We all should be saving money throughout our lives in order to be able to pay for some of the big expenses when they come along, but many of us are not disciplined enough to do this very well.

How Can I Lower My Electric Bills

By: Devon | Apr 7, 2011 As we all know, electricity bills can get quite high here in Texas, especially in the summer months. The winter months can also be painful for those that do not have natural gas heating.  There are quite a few ways to reduce your electric bill, including shopping electricity providers for lower electric rates or purchasing energy efficient appliances. With very little effort, you can lower your e

Saving Money With Grocery Coupons to Print

By: Robert Walden | Feb 17, 2011 When purchasing grocery from a store a grocery coupon is often given that may later be exchanged to get discounts financial or otherwise. Manufacturers and retailers most of the times issue such coupons with packaged goods.

How to retire on a small budget effectively

By: Jason Dee | Nov 9, 2010 retire on a budget using leverage

Clean Out Your Garage and Fatten your Wallet

By: Karen Campese | Sep 14, 2010 Now is a great time of year to cleanup your yard and clean out your garage. If the cleanup includes getting rid of a car you no longer need, you will help the environment, the community and fatten your wallet when you donate car to charity.
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