Job offers not coming in? Check your handwriting

By: David Newman, D.Sc., C.Ht | Jun 19, 2011 Today employers cannot afford to hire a person and invest five to seven years in them before they truly become productive. Human resource departments and even entrepreneurs with start up are turning to handwriting analysis to get a deeper understanding of each job candidate.  This form of handwriting analysis offers a highly accurate picture of how the job candidate things, they way the behave, t

Make Impressive Business Presentations with PowerPoint Maps

By: andyrobs | May 27, 2011 These maps can be edited as and when required. The graphics and PowerPoint background of the map makes attractive PowerPoint presentation. Powerpoint map attracts the attention of the audience and provide clear and exact statistics. The maps contains slides which are especially designed for business powerpoint presentations, business illustrations and territory assignments, store locators etc. sales and marketing powerpoint presentations often require to show statistics and compare results from the past years to the present which is perfectly shown with the help of specific country or continent maps.

The Fake Grass Is Environmental Friendly

By: Jessica Thomson | Apr 27, 2011 Fake grass is a scientifically modified product that has actually led to a lot of help for the people. These man made products are easy to use and provides the much needed help to the people.

Out With The Old Sew Labels

By: Gracie Rutherford | Apr 6, 2011 Ah sewing. Sewing is a much-underappreciated forgotten craft in this day in age. Just researching the USA manufacturer of custom patches these days, it is plainly obvious that the sew label has become less desirable than the custom patches, garment labels, and clothes labels that are iron-on
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