Facts To Consider While Buying Travel Insurance

By: Sarika Kodag | Apr 17, 2014 However, person should keep in mind to take the account of significant information with regards to finance and low cost travel insurance. During holiday, there are different potential pitfalls and buying a travel plan may help policyholders to avoid them. In some cases, travelers commit the mistake of arranging their plans to coincide with the start of their vacation and then faced the misfortune

Understanding The Basic Car breakdown Cover Service

By: Jugers Mattew | Mar 24, 2014 Roadside assistance means that when a driver, motorist or owner’s car breaks down and leaves them stranded, the breakdown cover firm will send a patrol team to get the vehicle running.

The Car Breakdown Cover for the Winter Season

By: Jugers Mattew | Mar 20, 2014 In the snow or the rain, vehicles suffer from a number of problems like wheel skidding and battery failures that can leave the owner of the car stranded. This can be dangerous in the cold weather which offers little visibility and is generally harder for travel on foot.

How to Check Travel Insurance Policy

By: Sarika Kodag | Feb 28, 2014 Travelling is always joyful but sometimes hazardous too. Due to increasing natural disasters and civil unrest, journey is not at all completely safe. These issues have strength to put a damper on your vacation to most destinations. Therefore, buying a travel insurance online is the best way to cover your trip against sudden mishaps. First of all, you need to decide what type of insurance you want

Challenges in Implementing EDI 834 Transactions in Compliance with HIPAA 5010 version

By: Nick Smith | Oct 30, 2013 By April 2014, it will be mandatory for all the employers in US to implement the updated HIPAA version, i.e. 5010 format and they will be penalized in case they fail to do so. Although, it came into effect from 2012, yet the date for its mandated implementation has been extended on request of the employers who were not able to immediately adopt the new guidelines.

Why Car Insurance is a Must for Vehicle Owners

By: Sanober Kabeer | Aug 27, 2013 It is a dream to purchase a car of your own. After saving a fair bit and applying for a car loan, your dream can become a reality. However, it is important to keep the asset safe and protect it from all possible damage. With this in mind, it is important to opt for a good car insurance policy.

Understanding the Paraphernalia of Family Floater Health Insurance

By: Kavita Sharma | Jun 24, 2013 The rate of medical inflation in India has increased over the years, directly affecting healthcare cost trends. Yes, healthcare costs are only increasing by the day making it difficult for the common man to avail quality services.

Creating a Paperless Claims Management System Environment

By: Nate Rodney | Jun 19, 2013 In today’s claims management department implementing a paperless claims management system can sometimes be looked at as an unattainable goal. Difficulty and disruption are high on the list of reasons most claims professionals stay with their antiquated workflow processes.

Things to Consider While Migrating to a New Policy Administration System

By: Nate Rodney | Jun 15, 2013 Migrating to a new policy administration system is a challenging task for any insurance carrier. Policy administration system is the core of the insurance business as it is the gateway to information into the company.

Talent Management challenges

By: Rajni Kumar | Jun 14, 2013 One of the biggest challenges for Corporate India today is attracting the right talent, managing its people and defining talent management practices that can be effectively leveraged to drive business results.
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