Are Orthopedics Justified in Embracing HIPAA Compliant Orthopedic Billing to Boost Their Reimbursement

By: Andersen Keen | Mar 6, 2013 Reimbursements have generally been tight recently for orthopedics – Medicare cuts, shrinking fee schedules, increased technology intervention in medical billing, and a multi-payer environment that is more vigilant than ever have really made it tough for orthopedics to realize their reimbursements to the maximum.

Financial Strategy Plan it Right when Downsizing into a Condominium

By: Emily Jones | Mar 2, 2013 Retirement can bring in a lot many changes to your current lifestyle. And one of it could be shifting from a bigger independent house to a condominium. With an ease to maintain, it may also be the most viable and practical option. It also gives you a breather from a high maintenance lifestyle.

Two Types Of Roofing Contractors Texas Are Great Help For You

By: Mornyan Chank | Feb 19, 2013 Two types of Roofing Contractors Texas are really great help for you. One is called the residential contractors while another one is called the commercial roofing contractors.

How Vital Is an Effective and Efficient Medical Billing and Coding in Preserving Thoracic Surgery Practice Profitability?

By: Andersen Keen | Feb 16, 2013 Thoracic surgical specialty is one of those priority specialties that have always been in high demand across the 50 states in the U.S., and the forecast is for an increased incidence of thoracic surgical cases.

Employing Specialized Medical Billing to Maneuver Through Clinical and Operational Issues in 2013

By: Andersen Keen | Feb 12, 2013 The year 2013 is going to be quite significant to the U.S. health care industry in general and doctors in particular – it is the year when a host of health care reforms will be set in motion, and many clinical and operational experiments will get crystallized into norms to be complied with by the physician community.

Points to Consider When Evaluating Home Insurance Rates

By: James Miller | Jan 21, 2013 Compare multiple home insurance rates & quotes to find the cheapest home insurance coverage.

EHR As a Means to Better Co-Ordinate and Control Care Processes

By: Andersen Keen | Jan 17, 2013 The success of health care has always been determined by how best care providers are able to coordinate the care processes across the clinical cycle – right from the time patients are admitted till they are pronounced cured.

Physicians to Manage Revenues amidst the Impending 26.5% Medicare Cut with a Medical Billing Service

By: Andersen Keen | Jan 2, 2013 Ever since Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) began overshooting budgeted Medicare spend, physicians have been under the constant threat of Medicare cut. While Congress’ intervention has delayed the inevitable thus far, it may be a little tougher this time – Centre for Medicare Services (CMS) has already indicated that its fee schedule for 2013 is designed to initiate 26.5% Medicare cut if the Cong

Tops Tips To Select The Best Claims Processing System

By: Nancy Shevell | Dec 26, 2012 Acquiring all of your medical claims from your doorway also to get paid as quickly as possible is generally each and every healthcare provider’s first aim on the subject of finance. The quicker the claim goes out, that much faster your money arrives in to your hands. In the health care industry, if claim running is faster then it leads to more pleased sufferers as well as a better business. In-

Correlation between Practice Revenue and Operational Documentation

By: Andersen Keen | Dec 19, 2012 Documentation holds special significance in clinical care – care coordination, easy reference, clinical research, and clinical certification are all made possible by well-documented clinical encounters. But documentation got a new dimension when fee-for-service was first replaced by Medicare-supported reimbursements.
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