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The benefits of House Extensions London

By: Henry Careey | Jun 13, 2012 Investing in house extensions in London is becoming more and more popular as having an extension to gain more space is often much cheaper than moving house to gain extra space.

Procedure for Buying Property in Edinburgh

By: Ella Steel | Jun 13, 2012 In Scotland, there is a series of process for Buying Edinburgh property. The person who wants to buy a property has a reliable adviser who is currently dealing with the property work. The adviser will contact with the dealer to formally announce the property on your behalf. Then one should make an offer and when an offer will be accepted all the undertaking documents will be handed over to the adv

Houses to Let In Edinburg: A Good Choice for Landlords

By: Lewis carroll | Jun 12, 2012 Friends! Are you among those landlords who are in search of a good tenant or whether you are a tenant looking after good landlord?

Landlords and Preventative Maintenance

By: eva peter | Jun 12, 2012 The law requires that landlords keep their properties habitable; generally this indicates the bare minimum: water, electric, weatherproof, etc.

Ten richest moms in the world

By: Henes Pitt | May 17, 2010 According to Forbes' recent poll, the list of ten richest moms in the world has been announced on the celebration of Mother's day. Among 70 richest women around the world, just 10 millionaire mothers have been voted. Most of these voted moms are the inheritors of billion-dollar fortunes from their dads or husbands. It's unbelievable that there are nothing-in-hand moms becoming billionaires; among
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