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Reagent Rental Programs - An Ideal Alternative for Labs with Budget Constraints

By: Jeremy Linder | Jul 4, 2013 Reagent rental programs allow budget-conscious labs to utilize advanced medical equipment without having to pay for it upfront. The capital costs are included in the cost of the reagent.

Advanced Medical Devices In The Us

By: medical devicestore | Apr 15, 2013 Technology and science are make advancements with each passing day. Modern equipment is being manufactured for the welfare of mankind.

Veterinarians Carmel in: blessing for pet lovers

By: Derren Brown | Apr 11, 2013 love pet but give them required attention and care to have a healthy life for them as well as for the family of pet lovers.

Managing Workers Compensation Claims in Your Medical Billing

By: S M Ali | Apr 8, 2013 Workers compensation insurance, more commonly referred to as "workers' comp" is a type of coverage that is required by law for all but the smallest of employers in almost every state. It used to be called Workman's Comp, and the term is still frequently used casually, but the program has been formally renamed to be more inclusive.

Benefits of EMR and HER technology

By: S M Ali | Mar 25, 2013 It is a common mistake to confuse EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and EHR (Electronic Health Record) as these terms are used interchangeably quite often.

Financial Stability from Collaborative Partnership with Billing Companies

By: Andersen Keen | Dec 18, 2012 Business acumen is something that is generally lacking amongst health care professionals, particularly doctors or physicians. Physicians are primarily driven by clinical excellence, which they believe it to be pivotal to their existence, growth and credibility amongst the patient community.

How Medical Billing Consortiums Are Superior to Medical Billing Companies

By: Andersen Keen | Dec 12, 2012 The origin of medical billing practices in the U.S. can be traced back to the 1960s when Medicare was introduced as a parallel to cash-based medical services. Since then, insurance-backed medical service has grown enormously, and two-third of the total physicians’ fees is routed through insurance of some form or the other.

The Value of Accurate Documentation in Medical Bill Reimbursement

By: Andersen Keen | Dec 11, 2012 Medical documentation has myriad applications in today’s health care administration – being reference-source for future encounters.

It Pays To Be a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

By: Andersen Keen | Dec 1, 2012 Choice of a profession is determined by its stability against job market fluctuation, potential growth and monetary rewards. Medical billing and coding profession seem to be one those few professions that possess all these attributes.

Why You Need Quality Microscopes

By: Jeremy Linder | Nov 8, 2012 Whether an educational, research or clinical lab, experiments can be quite challenging. That’s why you need quality microscopes that offer precise results.
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