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Dental Practices For Sale Review

By: Barton Humphrey | Apr 30, 2012 Considering that the oral surgeon gets close to the time of retirement, it is necessary for almost all of them to think about the best way to transfer the title of their firm and select a specific thing meets their particular demands. With these types of well-known options would be to have an assistant dental practitioner in the process having the qualification they are able to buy the workplace w

Is Starting A Healthcare Staffing Agency Expensive?

By: Roy Vera | Apr 29, 2012 I have seen companies starting a staffing agency with as little as $500 and I have seen staffing agencies start with as much as $250.000. What I have found is the difference between these two types of startups is, each has several key variables that when analyzed you will see how you can gauge and answer the question.

Why Is Health Informatics Important?

By: Claire | Apr 25, 2012 Health Informatics, formerly known as medical informatics is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of healthcare delivery. HealthInformatics combines computer science and information science with healthcare to develop the next generation of health care technologies. This convergence of patient data, expertise of health professionals, and computer science applications, has made possible th

Health Informatics: Front-line Health Informatics tools

By: Claire | Apr 25, 2012 Health informatics is a discipline at the intersection of health care, information science, and computer science. It deals with the devices, resources, and methods required for using the information in health and biomedicine to optimize the acquisition, storage and retrieval of data. People around the world call health informatics by different names like medical software engineering, medical compu

Is your Office chair causing you tailbone pain?

By: John Dembly | Apr 22, 2012 One factor of having pain in the lower back is due to the kind of chair you are sitting on in the office or at home. If these pain causesdiscomforts, its time that you should consider reading this article.

Health Informatics: Linking the Dots of Medicine and Data

By: Claire | Apr 17, 2012 As the boundaries between various health sectors and professions become increasingly unclear, and as health care grows more complex, the ability to effectively communicate about patient care has also become paramount. Health care greatly relies on information and data for every aspect of its delivery.

NLP courses, NLP India

By: Rik smith | Mar 23, 2012 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in simple words is study of excellence. NLP is a popular form of applied psychology that has some serious scientific backing for basic concepts.

HIPAA compliant emergency room transcription services for hospitals

By: MTS Transcription Services | Mar 19, 2012 Emergency room transcription services are a vital asset for healthcare centers and a great assistance for healthcare professionals, helping them improve their performance and ensure HIPAA-compliant reports, efficiently transcribed in the required format.

Medical Billing - Picture the 2017 Fully Automated Medical Practice

By: Ronald McLaughlin | Mar 19, 2012 Automation, specifically EHR systems, will certainly change how patient visits to doctor's office will change. Some of that is occurring now.

Tattoo numbing cream helps you to reduce your pain

By: Drnumb05 | Mar 15, 2012 Best Numbing Cream Topical Anesthetic for pain-free tattoos, needle pain, waxing and laser hair exclusion. Contact us at
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