Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Investments for Beginners

By: Lucid Community | Oct 6, 2011 If you’re just venturing into the world of investments, then mutual funds are a great place to start. A favorite of practiced experts and beginners alike, mutual fund investments have gained a lot of attention over the past decade as a practical way to save for retirement, build a financial portfolio, and achieve other financial goals.

Tips for Successfully Investing in Mutual Funds

By: Marcus Beattie | Sep 28, 2011 Most people today choose to invest in mutual funds. In fact, they are now considered an essential element of a well balanced portfolio. However, it is best to have a thorough understanding of what a they are, how they work and how to invest in them to take advantage of this investment option. They are quite suitable for those who do not want to get involved with the day-to-day operations of the ma

Invest into the Best Mutual Funds

By: Samantha June | Sep 19, 2011 In case you invest in mutual funds, you will encounter some thing called a class of mutual fund shares, and you might have the ability to select the class you would like to invest your dollars wisely. For amateur individuals, which can be confusing, it can be very challenging to decide on a mutual fund, let alone attempt to uncover Class A shares on the actions of B or other program. Even so, the

The True Cost of 12b 1 Fees

By: Ritika Sharma | Sep 14, 2011 Here at the Fool, we've written quite a bit in the past few weeks about the use of 12b 1 fees in many mutual funds.

Can apple continue to change the world?

By: yangjingjuan | Sep 6, 2011 A bitten a mouthful of apple, just an apple, however, it has customers in more than 500 million users around the world and receive the love of one billion customers.

Best Mutual Fund Investment Schemes in ICICI

By: Balajee Kannan | Aug 10, 2011 ICICI Prudential mutual fund which is one of the leading mutual fund houses in india has launched “ICICI Prudential Capital Protection oriented fund Series 1 – 24 months”. This is a closed ended Growth scheme. The minimum amount that has to be invested in this scheme is Rs 5000.

Best Mutual Funds Investment Schemes In India

By: Balajee Kannan | Aug 10, 2011 Every individual aims at saving his hard earned bucks and invest the same, expecting a consistent and decent return. There are several investment options available that one gets confused. Lack of knowledge and experience about various investment strategies has left mutual funds as the ultimate choice for many people in India.
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