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How Can We Discover a Good Financial Planner?

By: Robert White | May 16, 2013 It’s a fact that finding a good financial planner is not an easy task. People look for a financial plan creator who they can trust because it’s a matter of money. You require a person who can assist you in matters concerning assets, investments; insurance, budgeting, etc. I hope the below-mentioned information will help you in obtaining a sound financial plan maker.

Strategies to help couples to enjoy social security benefits

By: Amy j | May 10, 2013 Are you and your partner nearing your retirement age? The good news is that there are still some strategies you can work on to help retiring couples to enjoy their Social Security benefits.

How to prevent money issues in relationships

By: Amy j | May 9, 2013 Why do couples fight about money all the time? Financial issues can break a relationship but there are actually ways to keep that from happening. Learn some ways to prevent it.

How to save money on movies

By: Amy j | May 9, 2013 Everyone gets excited as soon as they hear a good movie coming out. Movies are fun and it is also a good way for on to unwind but if you are on a budget, you can follow these tips to be able to enjoy movies for less.

How to save money on your next trip

By: Amy j | May 9, 2013 We must admit the fact that airfares do not come cheap and it is what usually what holds people back from travelling. If for example international flights are up, expect the domestic flights to be down and vice versa and this is what you should take advantage of to get the cheapest flights.

How to throw an engagement party without breaking the bank

By: Amy j | May 8, 2013 An engagement party is an important event for any bride-to-be and as her best friend, it becomes your duty to not only throw her one but to make sure that the party would be one memorable event.

Easy ways to manage your food budget

By: Amy j | May 8, 2013 If you have been spending too much on your food groceries, here are the tips for food shopping that not only will help you cut your food budget in half but positively affect your health as well.

8 amazing ways to start living frugally

By: Joy Mali | May 3, 2013 Being frugal is important especially for people who are trying to save money and for those who are in situations which some frugality is called for.

5 Tips on how to save big bucks by bulk buying

By: Joy Mali | Apr 17, 2013 A lot of people avoid buying in bulk because they feel like that they would not be able to use everything up in time. What they are missing out on is the amount of money they could have saved with bulk buying. Buying in bulk does not mean that you have to have a family of five, even those who are preparing meals for one or for two can benefit from buying family-sized purchases.

The Basic Couponing Tips That Every Consumer Should Know

By: Bella Truman | Apr 13, 2013 Anyone would really appreciate it if they can cut cost on their grocery expenses and that is possible. This is such a good news right? While are very much pre-occupied with their bills after paying then there also those who got to save a lot and yet was able to purchase a great deal.
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