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How to use your short-term savings?

By: Joy Mali | Apr 1, 2013 Many people overlook the need to have short term savings. That is why when their car overheats, their refrigerator breaks down and when they find out that they have run out of groceries, they worry to death about how they are going to be able to afford the costs. Short term savings is usually the emergency fund. Listed below are some of the numerous benefits of having short term savings.

Pension Planning Means there’s No Reason to Dread Retiring

By: RetirementCentre | Mar 28, 2013 Many people dread retiring because they worry about financial instability later in life and feel pressured by the stereotype of being dependent on others. We explain why sensible financial decisions allow you to make your retirement one of the most exciting and enjoyable periods of your life.

How to Avoid Being Overcharged by Your Energy Supplier

By: Sam Jones | Mar 27, 2013 By following a few of these simple rules laid down in this article, you can prevent yourself from being overcharged by your energy supplier.

How baby boomers can save for retirement?

By: Joy Mali | Mar 22, 2013 For baby boomers, what are the things that you need to do when you plan for your retirement? What are the things you need to do to save? Read on and find out.

6 money management tips parents can teach their kids

By: Joy Mali | Mar 21, 2013 Money matters are not only available to the adults. Even in their toddler years, children should already be taught how and why to save and the benefits that come with this.

3 Reasons not to save for your child's college fund

By: Joy Mali | Mar 21, 2013 Saving money for college should not only be a one-time decision. It should take some time and as you think more about it, weigh the pros and cons of what is best for your child.

4 Tips on how to get capital for starting your business

By: Joy Mali | Mar 14, 2013 You think that dating is all about spending, do you? But when you think about it from the investors’ points of view, it becomes more than that. It becomes a saving habit.

10 Pointers to consider before making a business plan

By: Joy Mali | Mar 14, 2013 Writing a business plan can be confusing and puzzling for some people but when you follow these tips and advice, you’d be sure that you have it on your way.

Choosing The Right Energy Supplier

By: Sam Jones | Feb 5, 2013 In this brief guide we show you how to find the best energy supplier and get the best deal possible for your needs.

The Foolishness of Striking Out Fixed Deposits from the Investment Portfolio

By: Sanober Kabeer | Jan 25, 2013 It is a popular saying that advices people to avoid putting all their eggs in the same basket. Applying the same thought to personal investments, it makes for a prudent choice to avoid sticking to a limited number of investment products.
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