Make Your Own Podcast - Finding Your Topic

By: Kimberly | Jan 26, 2011 If you have listened to some podcasts you may have been struck with the concept, "Hey, I'll bet I could do this!" Doing all your own podcast is not laborious, however where some people get stuck is true at the very beginning...

The Secret To Successful Podcasting

By: Kimberly | Jan 26, 2011 If you're planning on podcasting, here are some tips to help you create a high quality podcasts. They are doing not price something and they're straightforward to implement thus they must be added to your podcast so as to help you produce a top quality product that people can want to subscribe to.

Toronto Minister Sees Profit Of Podcasting

By: Kimberly | Jan 26, 2011 As churches attempt new methods to deliver their message, one Toronto-space minister

Podcasting On The Go Travel Show

By: Kimberly | Jan 26, 2011 If you travel a ton and have a laptop, then you may want to contemplate starting your own travel podcast show. There are some who cannot travel, but who still get pleasure from hearing regarding places they have never been. You can create a series of podcasts that tell regarding your travels, where you ate, how you liked the food and every one kinds of topics.

Video Optimization - Part Ii

By: S. Housley | Dec 9, 2010 Optimizing your video for search engines will increase the exposure that the video receives, and optimization will also help spread the video's message. Follow these steps to enhance your videos and improve their rankings...

Tips To Optimize Video Podcasts

By: S. Housley | Oct 8, 2010 It does not matter what you call them: vodcasts, vidcasts, videocasting, or video podcasting... there are a few behind-the-scenes actions you can take to help attract more attention to your video productions. Just like websites, it does not matter how amazing the content is if interested people are unable to find it.

Podcast Tutorial - Announcing 5 Steps to Create a Successful Podcast

By: Daniel C Smith | Apr 3, 2010 A Podcast, to put it simply, is a portable radio station that you can play on your mp3 players or your iPod. A person who records Podcasts may choose to do this because they want to get their singing voice heard by a wider audience, they have particular political views that they want to express, or they like to help people around the world with various how-to tips and other helpful advice and programming. Whatever a person's reason for the desire to be heard, podcasting has taken radio by storm and has given every person an affordable way to have a voice.

Editing Audio Files For a More Professional Sound

By: Kimberly Reddington | Apr 3, 2010 I used to think editing audio files would be too cumbersome and time-consuming to be worth my while until I actually gave it a try. Editing audio with the right software is very simple and actually a lot of fun. Here are some simple steps to get you started.

Why Podcasting Should Be Used For Internet Marketing

By: Edwin Abrahams | Apr 3, 2010 Internet marketing allows for the use of a wide variety of methods and techniques. Success in this field may depend on your flexibility to take advantage of updates and new trends and your creativity in using these. When something new arrives in your market, you should be on your feet to start thinking about how you can use this new technology/product to your advantage and use it to make money online.

Are Podcasts Worthwhile For Business Purposes?

By: Alex Cleanthous | Apr 3, 2010 Podcasting has become more established in recent years. But while many people think of podcasts merely as entertainment, it is interesting to be on the flip side of the coin. Are they a worthwhile area for businesses to get into? It seems they are. After all, a podcast is a means for communicating with a potentially large group of people. And therein is a reason for using them to enhance an existing business still further. If you do some research on some of the best known people out there with a hand in internet marketing, you will no doubt find that many of them indulge in podcasting of some kind...
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