Public Relations

How Tolerance Can Make Call Center Solutions Effective

By: Aunindita Bhatia | Oct 12, 2012 Your call center solutions should be effective, but it can only be as effective as the level of tolerance that your representatives have.

NYC Public Relations Firm and the Media

By: Kevin Waddel | Aug 2, 2012 The NYC public relations firm can also be in a position of delivering top flight commentators and spokespeople to the media for interviews on important news programs.

Public Relations Detroit-Is your Business in Need of Help?

By: Anita Sullivan | Jul 22, 2012 Tips and advice on getting involved with public relations Detroit firms.

Benefits Of Working Closely With Promotional Companies For Marketing Efforts

By: Colin Stewart | Jul 19, 2012 Without the proper marketing strategy the best product or service can be unsuccessful when it comes to sales. Marketing and promotional activities are essential to increasing awareness about a company.

Pharmaceutical Social Media: Some Approaches to Consider

By: Kevin Waddel | Jul 15, 2012 By putting a focus on pharmaceutical social media practices, your healthcare organization will be able to reach out and continually inform your audiences in the best way possible.

Public Relations Agencies: Optimism Abounds

By: Kevin Waddel | Jul 15, 2012 Public relations agencies, if used correctly, can address these and many other issues.

Technology Public Relations: All About Making Connections

By: Kevin Waddel | Jul 15, 2012 Things typically don’t happen overnight; however, in the course of time, a solid technology public relations campaign will yield the desired results.

Signs Are very Important To Make Your Business Grow

By: noel almirante | Jun 28, 2012 Business owners and entrepreneurs find ways to make their establishment known to the public.

Customer Management Vs Customer Expectation Management

By: charurai | Jun 14, 2012 Customer management Vs customer expectation management. How to handling the customer in various hospitality services, customer expectations and customer satisfaction.

New York City Public Relations: Still Setting the Agenda

By: Kevin Waddel | Jun 13, 2012 New York City public relations firms are finding that they absolutely must reach out to audiences through a variety of avenues and they must always generate content that is interesting.
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