Public Relations

Health Care PR: Can Influence the Outcome

By: Kevin Waddel | Jun 12, 2012 A good number of health care PR practitioners have certainly learned about all the ways the political process influences medicine, knowledge that may prove to be useful for issues that come up in the future.

Energy PR: Powering a Positive Impact

By: Kevin Waddel | Jun 11, 2012 Energy PR can be an invaluable source of news and a critical education source for consumers. Energy PR can help shape the debate in a number of ways.

How To Locate The Top PR Firms In The Industry

By: Phoenix Delray | Jun 2, 2012 This article is a guide on locating the top PR firms in the industry.

Health Public Relations: Educating the Public is a Key Benefit

By: Kevin Waddel | Jun 1, 2012 The overall effect of a health public relations campaign would be to raise awareness about modern IUDs and dispel myths that are preventing women from taking advantage of such a wonderful contraceptive option.

Financial Services Social Media: No Reason to be Afraid

By: Kevin Waddel | Jun 1, 2012 Your competitors most likely already have an account and every follower that they gain puts you just that much more behind the competition.

Avoid Mistakes With First Book Promotion

By: Larry Chandler | May 26, 2012 All too often authors with a great book fail to sell their craft simply due to a poor book promotion. Getting involved in the entire promotion process will help fuel sales and improve chances for success.

Energy Public Relations: Powering the Drive for Efficiency

By: Kevin Waddel | May 26, 2012 Public relations program generate positive press for companies in today’s cutthroat marketplace. It truly promotes a greener world by encouraging consumers to use energy efficient products whenever possible.

High Tech PR: Low and No Tech Still Effective

By: Kevin Waddel | May 26, 2012 In undertaking a high tech PR campaign, you should seek a firm with a specialty in the area. Your high tech PR efforts should include social media as well as traditional media forms.

Juicy Couture experienced the spirit from the Coachella music festival with the aid of DJ Harley Viera-Newton

By: crpe2424 | May 23, 2012 Juicy Couture experienced the spirit from the Coachella music festival with the aid of DJ Harley Viera-Newton

Technology Public Relations: What Do You Need and How Much?

By: Kevin Waddel | May 23, 2012 There are many specialists within the technology public relations world. Clients are advised to seek firms that have a proven track record in an area or a firm that specializes in your company’s business.
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