What is the difference between computer virus and spyware?

By: Alex Smith | Apr 19, 2012 The only thing that a computer virus has in common with spyware is that they are both malicious software found online. In fact, a closer look shows you that the two are very distinct from one another, and understand the difference of each spells the difference between protecting your network and system and leaving it vulnerable to attacks.

Protecting Deals With An Email Encryption Software

By: Mae O'Connell | Apr 19, 2012 Are you searching for good email encryption software for your company? This can be an important software since it can lock down considerable deals constructed through web mail. If you're planning on having this software package, here are several valuable information regarding how it works and its advantages.

Next Generation Firewall--The Ultimate Firewall Protection for Enterprise Networks

By: Alex Smith | Apr 11, 2012 To ensure that your work is safe from viruses present in the internet and in other sources, there is a need to equip your computer with the next generation firewall. This system will ensure that viruses are detected and barred before they have gained entry. Moreover, the next generation firewall system has the ability to go through any flow of traffic and detect viruses whether data is inbound or
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