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Facebook Pages And Custom Web Designing

By: Avishka Dwivedi | Jul 2, 2013 Today, these companies have set a goal where they are no more limited to web designing. In other words, you can hire them for custom Facebook page designing to lure your prospective customers. Interesting templates, video Facebook Timeline, daily interesting updates and many interesting Facebook page creations attract customers to like your pages that in returns help increase your brand popularity

Six Different Methods to Improve PR of Website

By: Krish Garison | Jul 2, 2013 The article discusses six different methods by which the website can become an asset rather than a liability.

Tips to Improve Your Website Performance

By: Allen Kory | Jul 1, 2013 Contrary to popular belief, the look of your website isn't the only factor in its success. If it isn't quick to load, then you may find that it is not successful at all.

World Wide Optimize: Internationalizing Restaurant Websites

By: Jason Ezell | Jun 28, 2013 For many restaurant owners, the most important market that they deal with his their local market. After all, they need to put people in the seats and that can only happen when people are in the same city that the restaurant is located in.

Some Costly Mistakes in Using Photoshop

By: Karan Singh | Jun 28, 2013 The article discusses some mistakes that the website designers make when using the Photoshop software.

Why big Businesses Should Opt for Drupal but not WordPress?

By: markupbox | Jun 28, 2013 There are always functions that work for and against certain platforms and frameworks. It is difficult to choose any one from Drupal and WordPress as both are different in approach with their individual set of advantages and disadvantages.

Make Your Facebook Fan Page Design Stand Out

By: James | Jun 26, 2013 Facebook is a great marketing tool. But you have to know how to use it properly to get the best out of this powerful social networking site.

Steps in Building and Developing Your Business

By: Seo Team | Jun 26, 2013 This is a very imperative step. You have to ask yourself why you are brooding about starting an e-business. What is the aim? What do you hope to instate through your efforts? Are you in the business completely to try and get an income or is mostly like a hobby?

How to Build a Website for Tech Support

By: Devesh Kumar Rai | Jun 26, 2013 Improvements in technological innovation have created new technical gadgets and new application. The improves in gadgets and application have in convert led to improve in the need for technical support

Using Progressive Enhancement to Create Usable Websites

By: Krish Garison | Jun 26, 2013 The article establishes the importance of progressive enhancement in website design and development process.
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