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Website Maintenance Tools – Advantages of Using These Tools

By: Sanjana Antony | Nov 30, 2013 It is essential to maintain an existing website to make sure that the links are functioning right or the content is error free. The right tools definitely make maintenance of website much easier rather than manually checking for every details and correction to error. With the proper website maintenance tools one can include pictures or text, update content on the website and fix rot links. A websi

The Advantages of Java for Web Development

By: Anurag Gupta | Nov 4, 2013 The year 1991 saw the origin of a powerful programming language, Java. Engineers at Sun Microsystems developed this language for consumer devices, and kept it simple for compatibility with modest CPUs of those days.

How Magento web development helps your business

By: Jhon Ford | Sep 30, 2013 Now a day, there are many Magento Web Development websites available which uses the Magento platform for designing and developing ecommerce websites. Ecommerce is much more than selling a product or a service online now a day.

How android tablet app development services are helping business grow?

By: Nitin Agarwal | Sep 27, 2013 In last few years, android has gained in huge prominence and popularity. There are some vital features of these mobile and tablet based operating system that has intensified its popularity in last few years.

Facts about HTML 5

By: christa joe | Sep 13, 2013 HTML 5 is the next generation and a new standard for HTML. The previous version of HTML was HTML 4.01, which was introduced in 1999. Though HTML5 is still in the development process; most of the browsers support new HTML 5 elements.

Mobile Publishing: HTML5 vs. Native Applications

By: christa joe | Sep 13, 2013 HTML5 has been a sensation in the market since its introduction. Event though HTML5 is in its development phase, still it's the choice of developers to come up with more interactive web sites using HTML5.

Effective Communication with Web Design and Development Clients

By: rajnish | Sep 12, 2013 Client communication can happen in a number of ways. One can either go on to say ‘yes’ to everything client says and take flattery to a brand new level or one can paint the true picture. Just like any field, the same communication logic goes for web design and development too. For effective client communication, it helps to take into consideration some basic points of interaction to guarantee mutual respect and understanding from the very beginning.

Learn How To Install And Configure A Wordpress Plugin For The Development Of A Website

By: Kevin Mendal | Sep 11, 2013 Hope the above discussion will help to guide you while installing and configuring a Wordpress plugin for your website in making it a more creative and a reliable one.

The Advantages of E Commerce Website Development

By: Nitin Agarwal | Sep 6, 2013 Many businesses across the world operate only on the web as it is much easier and effective. Not only does it save a lot of time and efforts but is also highly useful and convenient to both the business and its customers.

Advantages of Custom CMS Development

By: Alex Franklin | Aug 9, 2013 We all know that the internet and websites have been around since past few decades now. Although, what actually transfigured the internet was the advent of the content management systems or simply CMS. It simply bestowed the web publishing rights to ordinary individuals and businesses, which were otherwise only tech geeks had.
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