Web Development

How to simplify your website design

By: sr.savaj | May 15, 2013 The simplicity of the design of a website plays an important role in its success. The most important success factor for every website is its ability to offer substantive and qualitative content in the least complicated manner.

Which Different Tools Available for Web Application Development?

By: Sandeep Rohilla | May 15, 2013 There are several tools available in the market for app development, it purely depends on which programming language or tool you wish to use.

Custom CMS or Open Source CMS?

By: Shekhar Murahari | May 9, 2013 Content management systems make websites easy to develop and maintain. A content management system is a system by which an administrator can manage the content on their website without having to program it into the system by either hard coding it or manually entering it into the database.

Artisans Of Website Development

By: Robert F | May 9, 2013 The creation of websites, and there are many of them, is in itself something of an art form. Just as Van Gogh or Rembrandt used oils, canvas and brushes, so web developers use tools to turn electronics into galleries and books and environments which provoke and invoke.

WordPress Training

By: Minu Naskar | May 8, 2013 Concept of communication of information by display through websites, blogs and world wide network has revolutionized the trade at all levels. It has become a way of life in developed world. It has made successful ingress in the developing world. It is worth noting that developing world is many times larger than developed world.

Why Augmented Reality Development is Your Future

By: Jerry Gray | May 3, 2013 Augmented reality is a new technology that is in the process of changing the way consumers interact with businesses. Many businesses are slow to adopt new technologies and end up having to catch up at a later date. It is important to start augmented reality development as soon as possible to be ahead in this fast moving business climate.

Factors affecting website Loading time

By: patwilkinson | May 3, 2013 What do we usually do in that situation? We jump over to another website. True, everyone does that. But these causes a great lose to owner’s business because they are losing lead.According to an independent survey if a page load time increases by 1 sec then it causes 7% lose in its leads. These days internet is so fast but when website loads slowly .Who do we blame first? Internet sometimes

How to Pick Sensible Web Development Companies in India

By: seoindiawnt | Apr 24, 2013 There are many web development companies in India but just like how you choose which restaurant to dine in, it is of equal importance to carefully check and evaluate the company

Tips for Hiring a Right WordPress Developer For Your Project

By: Designing Express | Apr 22, 2013 Wordpress is a powerful CMS and is popularity is well known around the world. But the fact is, to take the maximum advantage of Wordpress, you should hire a development firm that has the requisite experience and skill set to deliver you with a quality product. The article talks about few points that you should consider while making your choice for an ideal Wordpress development company.

How To Hire A Good I Phone App Developer?

By: Henrik Herman | Apr 8, 2013 Now you know several good places to search for a phone app developer. You should be very careful before hiring a professional and the reason for that has been mentioned in the article.
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