Workplace safety

Important Information on decontamination showers and eyewash equipment

By: Marwick Bravo | Dec 20, 2013 Where there are dangerous chemicals or materials, accidents are bound to happen. You can wear protective clothing, helmets, goggles etc., but still accidents do happen. In industrial settings, safety is paramount and owners have to take utmost care in designing the safety protocols for the employees.

4 Things A Corporate Security Company Can Do For You

By: Missy Brown | Sep 10, 2013 A lot of people think of corporate security companies as the security guards that keep a watchful eye on your business or individuals. While those are services provided by these companies, they can do so much more. It is a good idea to talk to them about your needs and they will probably guide you to where you need to go, but it is a lot better to have an idea of what they do before you contact them so that you can know what to expect from them.

Demand for school places: Modular buildings provide needed classroom space

By: Rakib Raihan | Jul 22, 2013 Schools are facing another challenge as the demand for primary school places is steadily increasing and despite over 80,000 additional places having been created in the past two years, it is estimated that a further 240,000 places will be required in the next two years.

How to Keep your employees engaged & satisfied?

By: Nishant Parashar | Jun 28, 2013 It’s natural for each employee to wish and demand for work to be enriching and exciting, however, it is equally true that most employees work on mundane jobs.

Prevention is better than Cure thanks to Tag Team Australia

By: Emma Glanville | Jun 25, 2013 There are a lot of electrical fires that start at the workplace in Australia. Most of them are fatal but the saddest fact is that most of them are preventable. Test and tag Melbourne, Perth companies will not only save lives but will also enable the business to save a lot of money

Why Business Security Systems Are Popular Among Businessmen?

By: Sara Loren | Jun 19, 2013 Presently more and more businessmen are investing in security systems. Some businessmen have installed an alarm system as a result of some burglary, and others have done it as a preventative measure.

Fire Safety Measures and Requirements - Strata Title

By: Chris Whelan | Jun 10, 2013 All most all commercial building, strata title properties must meet fire safety requirement as outlined by legislation. Under the act of Environmental planning and Assessment Act 1979 a building inspection can be carried out only by an authorized person.

Important Tips to Improve Business Security

By: Sara Loren | May 20, 2013 Considering the present scenario, business security has turned up as an important area of concern. The competitive era sometimes forces the rivals to get hold on some unethical ways of success.

Why it is important to regularly test and tag electrical appliances

By: Emma Glanville | May 20, 2013 Accidents due to electrical devices can happen at any time whenever there are such devices in your surroundings. Every year there are numerous instances of people getting electrocuted all over Australia.

Three Reasons for Electrical Testing and Tagging

By: Emma Glanville | May 3, 2013 A question that is asked quite often is whether electrical testing and tagging necessary. Well, the answer is yes since it is important to ensure the overall safety of workers in a workplace. It is important that electrical equipments are tested periodically as this will help reduce injury risk at workplaces. Further, testing will tell you whether the equipment is in prime working condition or not
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