Importance and Hall Mark Features of Corporate Banks

By: Sonia Mehra | Jun 12, 2013 Corporate Banking is a need of the hour with various large scale corporations, agencies and companies in need of such services. Besides providing all the regular banking facilities, these banks also deal with large scale operations such as underwriting, tailor made operations specific to a company’s needs, etc.

Mobile Banking Solutions

By: zaire paige | Apr 3, 2013 Over the years, mobile phones have ceased to be just mobile phones. The advent of Smartphones and surge in mobile phone telephony technology has made a phone much more than just that.

The Privileges of Premium Banking

By: Abdul Shahid | Feb 8, 2013 Premium banking or private banking goes beyond personally handling a traditional bank account. It is a holistic financial management solution offered by banks and includes banking, investment and other financial services for customers. Individual attention to customers is provided through personal banking managers who help plan their financial investments.

Closing Out Your Roth IRA

By: T.M. Murphy | Jun 12, 2012 An individual retirement account (IRA) can sound like a prison sentence once you start reading all of the fine print about what you are and aren’t allowed to do with your money once you commit it to this savings endeavor.

Building Better Relationships with Door Hangers for Banks

By: Aunindita Bhatia | Jun 11, 2012 Establish your identity and reputation in the neighborhood where you are located with marketing tools and strategies that get you more customers.

NRI Banking in India has become easier with technology

By: Sneha Jain | Jun 3, 2012 Non-resident Indians are one of the biggest sources of foreign currency transactions in India. Since liberalisation, Indian banks have geared up and adopted new technologies to speed up the banking procedures for NRIs.

Why banks fail in recovery of loans?

By: A GAURI SANKAR | Jun 2, 2012 The article consists of the tips for the bankers to have effective followup over the loans granted to their borrowers

Savings accounts are a boon for the common man

By: Sanober Kabeer | May 29, 2012 Saving accounts are the oldest and simplest way of saving money. They are the most liquid form of investment. Banks draw a majority of their funds from deposits in savings accounts, while offering a steady rate of interest.

BIC Codes- Essential Identification Code for Making a Money Transfer

By: zealance | May 9, 2012 International Bank Transfers means sending and receiving of money globally no matter about the space and time. Presently, this is has become a cost efficient alternative to the age old method, ‘Wire transfer’, as they do not cost a fortune and are also trustworthy. Institutions using this specialized technology are allotted an access code known as BIC or Bank Identifier Code.

Increase in Consumer Payment

By: San Pedro Curtain | Apr 14, 2012 There is a now an increase of about twenty one percent (21%) in bank consumer payments.
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