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Four Reasons to Have Loyalty Program to Retain Customers

By: David Alves | Jun 4, 2014 A business can be successful only with repeat customers. Study reveals that repeat customers spend 67% more than the newer customers. Loyalty program is one such tool that helps in bringing back the customers. More than 55% of top retailers have a loyalty program. About 95% of people who enrolled in loyalty programs said that they will continue using the program in future.

Automated Online Time Sheet System for Accurate Analysis and Superb Results

By: MariaJoseph | Apr 25, 2014 Online timesheets are just fabulous, it helps generate bulk reports in fraction of seconds with no errors. These applications are perfect for any organization.

A Five-Point Guide for E-commerce Development

By: Darwin Palmer | Apr 22, 2014 Having your own business might make you feel overwhelmed. You have to handle a lot of stuff: promote your business, earn clients, sell your products, employ and manage your staff, put up a store, and a whole lot more! But with modern technology, business management has become a simpler task to deal with. It’s now easy to connect with customers, sell products, and transact payments through the h

Solutions to Customs Export Data to Run Business Profitably

By: sumit | Jan 2, 2014 Life of trade is much easier whenever a proper guide is there proving the overall facts and data’s to the trades and businessman.

Protecting Heavy Machinery & Equipment

By: dan finkelstein | Dec 6, 2013 Heavy machinery and equipment is a necessary part of many operations, and protecting your investment is now easily accomplished with machine enclosures and guard rail.

Defining the Foundations of Lean Thinking

By: Garenne Bigby | Nov 18, 2013 Lean manufacturing training remains an appealing option for many organizations for a variety of reasons. Mainly, Lean philosophy includes a diverse array of proven principles, tools and strategies that have not only demonstrated their success time and time again across a diverse array of industries, but a core tenant of Lean philosophy is continuous improvement.

Future Proof Construction

By: dan finkelstein | Nov 2, 2013 It is tough to plan for the future, but using a unique method of construction can help you business maintain growth and maximize space.

7 Creative Ways to Get More Referrals and Sales to your Business

By: Marc Horne | Oct 30, 2013 We are more ready to believe in our friends over a paid promotion. As a result of this, getting ‘User Renerated Recommendations‘ should be a main concentrate of your promotion projects as we continue down the track into the culturally linked, Twenty first millennium, digital world.The popularity of websites such as Facebook or MySpace or fb, Tweets, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

3 Ways to Improve Office Productivity

By: Daniel A. Rubin | Oct 19, 2013 The efficiency and productivity of an office is essential to profitability and growth. How to improve productivity is a question on almost every manager’s mind, and ambitious employees are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and shine in the office.

Increasing Spa Income With Private Label Hair Products and services

By: ankit.m | Oct 11, 2013 To-day we could see more and more film or music stars which are promoting their fresh cosmetic or vogue items making use of their own branding. That way they use the leverage that they have for their celebrity standing to advertise their very own distinct products. All of the ordinary people consider it as something which is for anyone with bundle and deep-pockets.
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