Components of Customer Experience Management

By: StephieBrown | Mar 16, 2013 Customer Experience Management is an essential part of every business. Earlier the main goal for every business was to earn profit but now it has changed towards satisfying the customer. Customer experience management deals with the process of understanding the customer needs and delivering the products and services according to that.

Under Pressure Drilling : No Need to Shut Down Your Work

By: Jacob Watson | Jul 17, 2012 Freezing the pipe is not always the best solution for any kind of work because if we freeze the pipe we need to stop other work that is being conducted at that time. But with the help of Under pressure drilling which is popularly known as ‘Hot Tapping’ we do not need to stop our work that is being conducted at that time.

Hot Tapping Pipelines : How these systems work?

By: Jacob Watson | Jul 17, 2012 Sometimes also knows as pressure tapping, hot tapping is a commonly used procedure involves the connection of existing pipeline or vessels without the need to empty the connected section of pipe or the vessel. The best thing about hot tapping pipelines is that it allows engineers to continue their work eliminating the need to shut down the entire process or system.

The importance of Environmental Monitoring Assessment

By: Jacob Watson | Jul 17, 2012 Just think of a natural disaster claiming thousands of lives which can happen in any part of the world and it is better to take preventive measure in advance to avoid such situations in future. A recent example of such situation was in Japan when a tsunami hit the coast of Japan and resulted into the loss of millions of people.

Promo items during Tradeshows Can Become a USP for Your Business

By: Rachel Davis | Jul 10, 2012 To promote a product, Tradeshows are a sine qua non, as they can give an identity to your business, and when you have the best of products which are certified for their quality, you should tell people and reach out to them through Promo items so that awareness is created and your business flourishes.

Use Your Imagination in Deciding Promotional products

By: Rachel Davis | Jul 8, 2012 Though, you can convert any kind of product into your brand promotional product, you must bear in mind the budget of a common buyer who will prefer the product.


By: Rachel Davis | Jul 6, 2012 Every other brand we are a consumer of, made its entry into our lives at some point of time with some promo item. In fact if we look around and observe carefully, we will find that there are hardly any companies left in the market who are not bit by the promo gifts bug.

Smaller budgets for corporate events

By: John Daniels | Jun 28, 2012 A look at how the corporate events industry has suffered in the recent financial crisis. How can we survive as businesses within this industry, and make the most out of a difficult situation. What can we do to survive. How do we deal with companies happy to be frugal.

My advice regarding choosing corporate awards.

By: John Daniels | Jun 28, 2012 This article looks at the benefits of not trying to scrimp too mujch when buying your corporate awards. Why is crystal such a good option? What else is available when it comes to award types? These questions are looked at by the author. And advice is given as to help you make the right decisions.

Things to Know About the Core Investment Companies

By: Sowmya Somaiah | Jun 23, 2012 Here, is what you need to know about some important factors related to the core investment companies. Basically, these are the companies which have invested their assets in the shares for holding the stakes in group companies. Their intention of investment is only for the shares not for trading and nor for any other financial activities.
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