Electronics playing a vital role in increasing manufacturing output

By: Daniel Kidd | May 23, 2012 The number of electrical goods manufactured including PCB interconnection pins, went up in March which shocked analysts.

Machine guarding a vital part of health and safety policy

By: Daniel Kidd | May 23, 2012 Machine guarding should be a key part of any organisations’ health and safety policy. Machines used at work can be very hazardous which makes it essential for employers to ensure that suitable health and safety policies are in place to protect their workers.

Video Production- For Those Special Moments

By: John James | May 22, 2012 Also known as videography, video production refers to the capturing of scenes or images through an electronic device such as a video camera or a camcorder. Video production in Toronto includes the making of TV commercials, wedding videos, home videos, corporate videos, or personal videos. Video production in Toronto is done with the help of camcorders, and hand held video cameras.

Benefits Of Sourcing Quality Guidance From Recruitment Agencies Around Johannesburg

By: Tracy Narvaez | May 22, 2012 Recruitment centers will work in conjunction with all kinds of companies to help staff positions in a large range of fields and industries.

Modern Technique for Convening Board Meeting

By: Sunshine Corp | May 19, 2012 As per the Company’s act of 1956, the shareholders of a company are allowed to participate in the annual meeting of the company through one of the advanced electronic methods. Audio video conference and teleconferencing are some of the techniques use to communicate with shareholders who are away from the country.

Public Limited Company and the Managerial Remuneration

By: Sunshine Corp | May 19, 2012 Companies Act of 1956 clearly states the managerial remuneration for a public limited company or private limited company should not be more than 11% of the net profits, in any financial year. This remuneration is paid to managers, directors working on full or part time basis in a subsidiary of a public limited company.

Rules for Merger of Indian Companies

By: Sunshine Corp | May 19, 2012 Merger is defined as combining of one or more companies, in order to form a new entity with an intention of carrying out similar kind of business and share its assets and liabilities. A new company may have a new name, registered office, and new board members who will carry out the business further.

Shareholders Right of Voting in Public and Private Limited Companies

By: Sunshine Corp | May 19, 2012 Shareholders of various public and private limited companies enjoy the rights of voting in the annual general meeting of a company. By purchasing the shares, they become a member, who has a right in some of the managerial decision, which can have a positive effect on the company profit.

The Benefits of Dividend for Investors

By: Sunshine Corp | May 19, 2012 Small, large, private, public limited companies require huge amount of funds for carrying out the business activities, purchasing new machineries, undertaking new projects, and many others tasks. These companies raise the required funds through issue of shares and debentures by publishing a notice to all or selected people. Investors are designated as members of the company and are entitled for re

The Corporate Guarantee of Foreign Direct Investment

By: Sunshine Corp | May 18, 2012 India is considered to be one of the fastest growing economic countries, which offers low set up and manufacturing cost, skilled and unskilled labor force, roadways, infrastructure, and many others. Government has liberalized many of its stringent foreign trade policy.
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