What is the Importance of Employee Stock Option Scheme in India?

By: Sunshine Corp | May 17, 2012 Company registration in India, Company formation India, Setting up operations in India, LLP registration in India, Start Company in India

Direct Investment in Joint Ventures by Residents

By: Sunshine Corp | May 17, 2012 Joint ventures companies promote economic development, technological exchange, financing and many others between two countries. The Indian government liberalized many of its industrial rules which allow residents to invest into foreign companies. This promotes International trade and contributes towards the socio-economic growth.

Know More about Taxation of Existing Units in SEZ

By: Sowmya Somaiah | May 14, 2012 With the ever increasing demand for various good and services and tough competition among the companies, a few improvements were made in the country’s policies. As a result of globalization, the special economic zones or the SEZs came into existence. Within very short span of time, the SEZ gained lots of popularity among all categories of different businesses.
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