Human Resources

How Human Resource Outsourcing Can Improve Business Efficiencies?

By: Robin Parker | Nov 27, 2013 The concept of human resource outsourcing has been embraced by senior HR executives as well as top managements like CEOs and CIOs of a company. The services offered are appealing all sizes and types of organizations. The benefits of outsourcing are more evident for mid-size companies.

Union Certification - What is it?

By: John Marshall | Oct 1, 2013 When an employee joins an organization, he/she gets the right to join a union and being represented by it. However, the decision is of the employee himself, that whether he wants to be represented by an existing union or form another trade union with a group of employees.

Strategic Human Resource Management Information

By: Robin Parker | Aug 24, 2013 Strategic human resource management is one of the best ways to meet your employees need and at the same time promoting company goals.

Standards and Best Practices in Quality Assurance China Has Adopted

By: Shing Chong | Aug 10, 2013 Quality assurance is the processes and checks implemented to ensure that the quality and purpose of the desired product or service are completely fulfilled.

HR rules& regulation : A must for Effective organisational restructuring

By: Satenderseo | Jun 27, 2013 HR rules & regulation is very important in order to implement company’s policies.It includes the issues relating to organisation practices, pay policies, benefits, working hours. without it ,there would be no proper steering and the procedural tracks will continue to slow the operation in the workplace.

Hire Executive Search Firms to Get the Best Talent for your Company

By: vikas0413 | Jun 27, 2013 Executive Search is the most modern way to source candidates for senior, executive and specialised level positions in big companies. It is also known as head hunting.An Executive Search company is like a third-party provider or a consultant usually hired by a corporation to study the availability of suitable candidates who might be working for its competitors or allied industries.

Building a meaningful career with manpower consultants

By: Satenderseo | Jun 5, 2013 Everyone has to work something to earn a living and raise a family. However, a large number of people can be seen going for work which they really don't like to do.

The Success of Organization Development

By: Smith Joy | May 16, 2013 Organization development is a fast emerging field; one that can have immediate bearing on the human aspect of the organization. Today with the growing competition and market fluctuations, organizations need to be well- equipped and well armed with skills and strategies that can leverage the business from time to time. OD and human resource management therefore are the key factors for any organizat

Labour Relations-Must Things to be recall if you get Discharged

By: John Marshall | Apr 27, 2013 Loosing you job is not very simple. You will go through a sequence of strong feelings. You will get angry, become depressed and feel guilty.

Tips to Finding the Best Jobs for You

By: Howard Smith | Apr 24, 2013 Finding a job during these modern times doesn’t mean limiting yourself only to what you can do. More and more career experts are encouraging people to spread their wings and try something new and even job application sites online are doing the same. Read on to find out what it takes to get a job these days and just how rewarding can it be to go beyond your comfort zone.
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