Human Resources

Shift Your Office with Removals Worthing

By: James Richard | Apr 23, 2013 Shifting an office is a mammoth task. There is uncountable number of things that needs to be carried to the new place.

Which Benefits Are Of Most Interest To Your Employees?

By: Jane Foulds | Apr 12, 2013 A successful entrepreneur can be judged in many ways. While the revenue and profits they generate, the number of new ideas they successfully bring to market, and the contribution they make to their particular business sector or their local community are all important factors in measuring their success, for his or her employees, a different set of criteria apply.

Team Building Ideas - Healthy Confrontation

By: Shaun Notcutt | Mar 12, 2013 The scariest and one of the most challenging spheres for any leader is when it comes to confrontation. Loads of leaders allow problems to grow and manifest themselves in a big and scary way, to the point where the problem becomes damaging to the team and the organization. With a little bit of healthy confrontation, this can be avoided. To see team growth, confrontation is going to be one of your h

Business Advantages of Outsourcing

By: danialbrown | Feb 7, 2013 Everyone today is aware of the word ‘Outsourcing’. For our dear readers who aren’t aware of the term outsourcing it means giving out your business or project work to another company on contract basis. There are many outsourcing companies all over the world in the market that take up work from clients and professional firms. It is a general concept that when one thinks of outsourcing general

Designing and Administering Fair and Effective Discipline and Discharge Policies

By: TrainHR | Feb 7, 2013 Employers are too often intimidated by wayward employees for fear of claims of discrimination or other litigation. Too often bad employees are retained rather than facing the challenges of disciplining or discharging them. On the other hand, sometimes employees are disciplined and even discharged unjustly because of the idiosyncrasies of a supervisor or other factors.

Employee Engagement- How to successfully drive and foster a healthier business

By: Nishant Parashar | Jan 11, 2013 Employee engagement should be linked to high performance and not just to employee’s happiness. It’s important to make your employees happy and satisfied; however it is much more important to engage your employees in your business- to help in achieving the desired and overwhelming results.

Maintaining Cordial Labor Management Relations, a Tough Task for Companies

By: John Marshall | Dec 24, 2012 Managing a company is a very daunting task. It involves management at different levels where the varied departments have to be managed , where each department has to be worked upon with the same interest and view always. Right from the administration which involves keeping the company top notch for visitors and making sure that the employees are comfortable, there are many other aspects that need

Cordial Labour Relations The Need of The Hour Today in Companies

By: John Marshall | Dec 11, 2012 Job however big or small it may be is very important for everyone in this world. It gets you your daily bread and butter and a means to fulfill all your wishes. You also put in your more than 100% to get productivity for your company which in turn gets you your increment for the excellent work that you do.

Chief Negotiator The Peacemaker in Industrial Relations

By: John Marshall | Dec 4, 2012 Disputes and conflicts are a common sight in an industrial set up where labors are seeking fulfillment of their demands. However, the sooner these issues are resolved the better it is. The reason being that, any kind of conflict means loss in work days on account of temporary shut down and thus loss in production.

Past and Present in the Maritime Recruitment

By: Narcis Bacaintan | Nov 30, 2012 Consequently the sailors from a half a century ago were adventurous people who in the maritime business could start up a brand new life regardless of what they left behind , no matter if it was a situation where they did not actually have any sort of training , that they did their time in prison , that they were incapable to read , provided that they were able ( hence the term AB Able-Bodied ) , w
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