Human Resources

Options for your Damaged Asphalt

By: QPR | Oct 2, 2012 Damaged asphalt can create stress for many, and this can be due to the influence of freeze cycles and water infiltration that cause it to crack and buckle. Is this irreparable? No, not necessarily.

Avoiding Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

By: Business Training Media | Sep 10, 2012 How should you treat a pregnant employee or job applicant to avoid liability for pregnancy discrimination? There's a short answer to that question that covers the entire topic: just exactly like you would an applicant or employee with any other health condition that (1) may (but doesn't necessarily) affect their job performance and (2) necessitates their having to take some time off from work. Of

How to Avoid Race and National Origin Discrimination

By: Business Training Media | Sep 10, 2012 Various polls and research continue to show that most white Americans believe there is no longer a problem of race or national origin discrimination in America, while people of color and immigrants are subject to ongoing discrimination.

Looking for Serious Candidates to Apply

By: abhishek khandelwal | Aug 29, 2012 Job searching from an employee's point of view can be stressful but as an employer or organization seeking highly qualified executive employees, candidate searching can be just as stressful if not more stressful. Reduce your stress instantly by working with an executive search firm.

Basing Talent on Work Performance

By: abhishek khandelwal | Aug 29, 2012 There are many ways to increase gender diversity within one's company to create a talented and cultured group of individuals to help propel a business forward and make sure that it is nothing but successful for years to come. The way to do this is to become blind to what gender or sexual identity each potential worker possesses and focus on the more important aspects such as personality and their

How Conservative Employment Rights Policy is Affecting Workers

By: Tim Roberts | Aug 18, 2012 Many reports have indicated the fact that workers are being undercut by Conservative proposal to cut certain rights. How far are the workers affected by the Tory Employment Rights Policy? This article gives a clear-cut explanation of the whole scenario.

Managing people in large geography like India only possible through Staffing

By: internalhr | Jul 28, 2012 Staffing for Project Management : Staffing itself is the complete process. It includes practice from recruiting, selecting, and establishing workforces for a project, and even firing them when they are no longer needed. Human resource management is about managing people of the project with the human approach, which means employing and deploying people, developing and utilizing their skills, mainta

Why Saas Cloud is the Best Recruitment Software

By: Dave K Hudson | Jul 24, 2012 SaaS Cloud is taking the software market by storm. Many users have not noticed that they are using it and forget that previously they had to buy programs on CD and install them on their computer.

How HR Management Outsourcing Can Make Work Easier

By: Christopher Walton | Jul 24, 2012 HR management outsourcing is the right solution for businesses of all kinds, particularly small and medium-sized businesses that are pressed with the need to streamline operations.

Human Resources Software – Weigh Up the Advantages and Take Better Decision

By: Hemant Chourasia | Jul 19, 2012 No matter whether you are a small business owner or a bigger one, you need to manage employees and a lot of documentation. Employing people to take care of the human resources is not that easy and feasible for many businesses these days.
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