Human Resources

Qualities and Features to Look for in an HR System

By: Carolyn Sokol | Jun 10, 2012 HRs simple tasks can be accomplished through using software for human resources.

Include HR in your Business Strategy

By: Arlene Frater | Jun 10, 2012 A good HR manager will comprehend each area of the business, they will have spent time understanding how each department works and how they interact with each other. They need to know the dynamics of the teams to ensure that these employees stay engaged with their role and by the business itself.

What My Best & Worst Boss Each Taught Me

By: TMGov | Jun 10, 2012 For those who have been in the working world long enough, I'm sure you've had a variety of supervisors over the years—some good, some not so good. In the positive environments, you're excited to go to work every day because you have the support and tools you need to thrive; but in the negative ones, it's all you can do just to drag yourself out of bed each day, and that feeling, if prolonged, is likely to put you on the hunt for something else.

Smart Social Networking

By: Arlene Frater | Jun 9, 2012 A social media policy needs to be flexible but clear for all your employees. An outright ban on social media sites will not work; almost all of us have access to a smart phone with all these apps under our nose. Don't dictate but discuss!

Open Enrollment Made Easier

By: Carolyn Sokol | Jun 8, 2012 Open enrollment can be a time of great stress and frustration for the human resource departments of many companies.

Employee Wellness From A Nursing Home In Michigan

By: Matt | Jun 6, 2012 Giving care is not always just about the health of your charge. In a position as a caregiver like at our Nursing Homes in Michigan, it is just as important to keep yourself healthy as it is to watch after patients. If you are not well it not only impacts happiness but your productivity and moral. These are a few quick tips on how to keep your employee's health and wellness moving upwards from our Assisted Living MI professionals. We use them ourselves and they will help you.

Web-based Human Resources software for Incredible Cost-effectiveness and Efficiency

By: Hemant Chourasia | Jun 6, 2012 In is undeniable that companies rely on various tools and applications in order to ensure efficient payroll management. Ranging from mobile-based attendance management tools to ERP modules, companies use various tools to satiate the need. Unfortunately, neither mobile applications nor ERP solutions are a perfect way out as far as the needs of upcoming businesses are concerned.

What to Consider When Choosing a Labor Management System

By: Christine Smith | Jun 6, 2012 If you are considering putting a labor management system in place, there are a number of items to think about to ensure that you are making an investment in a system that will increase efficiency and save money. Implementation of a time and labor management system will decrease human error and increase profits. While some labor management systems offer benefits that may not relate to your actual

Employee discounts will help your staff save money

By: A McKie | Jun 1, 2012 Many of us are struggling to make ends meet in the current economic crisis. If you run your own business then you will no doubt have been affected by everything that has happened in the past few years

Employee incentives and flexible benefits will retain a strong workforce

By: A McKie | Jun 1, 2012 If you run your own business then you will understand that maintaining a strong and highly motivated workforce is the key to success.
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