International marketing

The Evolution of Mobile Research: Smartphones

By: Ron Jacobsen | Jul 15, 2012 Research shows that smartphone ownership has been on a steady rise, and figures have been staggering. More than half of US mobile phone users own a smartphone, which accounts for 9.14 million smartphones.

Channel Marketing Needs To Be Enhanced With Partner Programs

By: Anna Samson | Jul 12, 2012 In an economy that has made a significant switch to e-commerce over the past several years, it's important to be very in tune with channel management. Companies who manage their channels appropriately understand the various opportunities with each.

How Channel Conflict Is Becoming More Common

By: Carlos Mills | Jul 11, 2012 This article is about partner marketing and channel conflict.

Selecting a Good B2B Telemarketing Company - Things To be Considered

By: Alexander Smith | Jul 5, 2012 Most organizations need some help when it comes to managing their company connections and maintaining their company data resource in examine.

Preparing Market Research report

By: Pramod Lomte | Jun 26, 2012 Market Research is a source which effectively finds a way to solve business problems in easy way. It is a key for the development of a business, and fostering future business successes.

Reach Out To People with Integrated Marketing Services

By: Debora Bilal | Jun 26, 2012 What does a businessman desire and strive hard for? No doubt, an increase in sales and profit and this is the main aim of integrated marketing services.

Choosing the right copywriting services

By: freelancewriter | Jun 6, 2012 Brian Birnbaum is a Freelance writer. He offers a range of copywriting services to companies operating in a range of industries around the world.

Why And How Popularity Of Voucher Code Using Is Increasing

By: Sandra Lesia | May 31, 2012 The vouchers are mainly defined as the requirements that are offered by suppliers for a particular items or services which they are currently promoting. One can save a lot of money while internet shopping by using these vouchers. The offers are made for a lot of groups.

Network Marketing Tips to Ensure Your Speedy Success

By: Cedric Loiselle | May 29, 2012 Marketing is one of the cardinal activities businesses must pursue in order to grow. It can be done through a number of avenues.

Online Reputation Management

By: robert Smith | May 26, 2012 Indeed, the internet is actually youthful, free of charge as well as filled with possibilities. Possibly really free of charge to the stage which anybody is definitely a writer, the vocalist, the songwriter, the dancer, a high profile or even a good image within times.
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