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How to Leverage PURLS (Personalized URLs) for Your Direct Mail Campaign

By: Carrie Dodt | Jul 15, 2012 With recent developments in technology and direct mail services related to personalized URLs (PURLs), direct mail and direct marketing campaigns could become even more effective. Learn how to leverage PURLs for you direct mail campaign.

How to do Effective Product Marketing through Event staffing?

By: Promotional models | Jul 15, 2012 Businesses – big or small and corporations are hiring special and experienced staff for performing various activities and tasks during an event. Event staffing has become a popular practice. Different marketing strategies are devised to attract the attention of public at large and the potential customers as well. Trade show models, booth models or assistants and brand ambassadors and models at p

Pocket knives act as a best survival tool

By: adele james | Jul 9, 2012 A well-constructed container to put all the essential Camping Equipment like enforcement supplies, pocket knives like is also necessary. A great kit paper bag to residence your top survival gear has to be complete of elevated superiority materials and workmanship. Our website is all regarding plateful enforcement employees execute their duties.

Mobile Qualitative Research Gets Richer Data in the Moment

By: Ron Jacobsen | Jun 28, 2012 It has proven time and time again that mobile research has opened up areas which weren't possible before the mobile evolution. Mobile phone technology has evolved so much in the past years that it is now common to see people using video-enabled mobile devices.

What new tech from the E3 confrence should marketers pay attention to?

By: Abel Velazquez | Jun 28, 2012 ESA’s E3 conference is easily the biggest event of the year for the video game sector. As usual, this year’s event, which took place from June 5-7, gave gaming nerds a sneak peek at some of the upcoming titles and innovations in the industry.

An Introduction to Email Marketing

By: Declan O Flaherty | Jun 23, 2012 Everybody is doing it, well, at least that's what the stats should be telling us. If you have not incorporated email marketing into your business, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Here's an introduction to email marketing to get you started.

Why You Need Expert Help for Direct Mail Printing

By: Chris Buell | Jun 20, 2012 Direct mail is a method of marketing your product or services that involves sending advertising material directly to the homes or businesses of potential customers. Direct mail can be enormously successful in getting clients to learn about your business and try your product or service.

How to Write a Script for Your Marketing Video – Six Helpful Tips

By: vikas saini | Jun 20, 2012 Congratulations – you’ve finally made the smart decision to produce a marketing video, but now you may wonder exactly what to do next. An important fact is that most effective marketing videos start with a well-written and thoroughly thought out script

How to Distribute Your Online Video

By: vikas saini | Jun 19, 2012 Your video is complete and the next logical step is to share it with the world. Taking the time and effort to distribute your video will have long lasting results, getting it views for weeks, months and even years after you posted it. The good news is there are many places and tools you can use to share your video. The bad news is that it is confusing and overwhelming at first. Here are some tips

Field Marketing is much more than Social Networking

By: Justine Fitton | Jun 19, 2012 This article is about how many businesses are focusing solely on social networking instead of developing a more well-rounded marketing campaign. The focus on social media has meant that many businesses neglect traditional marketing techniques entirely, often to the detriment of a company's success and overall profitability.
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