The Next Generation iPhone 5 Offers a Line of Features to Work Wonders

By: amyheltoncalf | Oct 5, 2011 The most amazing device of the generation is iPhone 5 which serve its customers with the latest features. The near-field-communication (NFC) facility of the gadget is really heart throbbing and with other features it is one of the best among the wide ranges of smart phones.

The Journey to Determining TV Advertising Prices

By: Sarah Shore | Sep 28, 2011 Advertising is important. Whereas we know that advertising is capable of increasing the sales of a service or product, many people think of it as a no go zone. TV advertising is especially dreaded. People think of it as a money guzzler, as one is not usually sure if the returns are worth the investment. This article tries to help one walk the journey to arriving at how the prices are determined. Having this in mind will help one get the logic and overlook the uncertainties.

Top Six Reasons Why Every London Advertising Agency Is Turning To DRTV Advertising

By: Sarah Shore | Sep 21, 2011 Direct Response Television Advertising, DRTV, is an activity in the media that provides an opportunity for consumers to respond to the advertiser directly. Advertising is costly and it requires a business to make a budget for it. This article will explain what the advertising agents have to do and why they have to maintain the direction they chose of drtv.

 The Art of Vinyl Poster Printing

By: Juan Schaar | Sep 17, 2011 Vinyl Poster Printing is a pure ‘art form’ or ‘technical excellence’. At varied time intervals, there have opinions that have shifted sides. Prisma Banners known for a portfolio of diverse vinyl banners and signages customized for diverse occasions, such as outdoor sports and entertainment events, trade shows, exhibitions, birthday and welcome events, etc.

Mobile Marketing- Nexus Prime

By: Alex Pomery | Sep 16, 2011 The Nexus Prime is going to be an amazing phone and it is being produced by Google and Samsung. This is a phone that will be the first "ice cream sandwich" phone to be entered into the smartphone market.

6 impressive World Cup 2010 commercials

By: Vanessa Ford | Jun 8, 2010 The 2010 FIFA World Cup, the premier international football tournament, is scheduled to take place from 11 June to 11 July 2010 in South Africa. It will be the culmination of a qualification process. Many national teams have been preparing for this global tournament. Many companies have been launching their business plans on this occasion. Sponsorship, leaflets, billboards, posters, advertisements on newspapers, radios, televisions, and internet are their strategies to boost sales. Some of the best advertising campaigns revolve around the funniest moments captured via the lens of the camera. One of the effective ways is to promote their brands via TV commercials.
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