SBA Loan Workout: The One Obstacle You Didn't Expect

By: | Jul 20, 2011 Article that discusses one of the hardest, and unexpected, aspects of SBA Loan Workout. Offers tips to deal with this obstacle.

The Top 5 Understandings Women Need For Successful Negotiation

By: Karen Keller | Jul 14, 2011 Women are learning the value of successful negotiation. However, men initiate negotiation four times more than women. These and similar statistics are reflective of a woman not knowing her worth and having low expectations of her capabilities. Before you begin the negotiation process and expect success, you need the following top 5 "negotiation" understandings to get what you want.

Tips On Successful Negotiation In Business

By: Roberto Sedycias | Jul 6, 2011 In the business world, the world is built on compromise between two parties. Sometimes, to make great changes, negotiation is the key to success, and knowing how to do so well will make a world of difference.

Negotiating Skills Training

By: Ben Holloway | Jun 28, 2011 In business as in life you get what you negotiate, and how much you get is determined by the outcome. This is why many businesses are choosing to send their staff on negotiating training.

4 Ways That Less Is More In A Sales Negotiation

By: Jim Anderson | May 21, 2011 Power, power, power – sales negotiations are all about who has the most power, right? Well, no – sometimes it's about who doesn't have the power...

How Would You Negotiate If You Had No Authority…?

By: Jim Anderson | May 14, 2011 You can do whatever it takes to make a deal happen. It turns out that we may have gotten this all wrong – maybe what we should be doing is showing up with no authority…

Would your business benefit from doing business with a wholesaler?

By: Sarah Haines | May 13, 2011 So many owners of small businesses make the mistake of assuming that they can't deal with wholesalers. Here is why you should be buying wholesale.

Yes, You Can Buy Now And Negotiate Later – But Be Careful…

By: Jim Anderson | May 7, 2011 How do you feel about negotiating? If you really don't like to do it, then I've got a great option for you: just go ahead and buy something and then worry about doing the negotiating later on. Wait you say, is this even possible. The answer is yes, but you might want to think twice before you do it…

Best Practices In Negotiation: Beware Of The Drunkard's Walk!

By: Dr. Gary S. Goodman | May 6, 2011 Beware of "The Drunkard's Walk," says this top negotiation speaker and best-selling author of DR. GARY S. GOODMAN'S 77 BEST PRACTICES IN NEGOTIATION and a dozen additional books. The Drunkard's Walk is a ploy that introduces randomness into negotiations, so there is no way to predict what someone's next move will be from observing and analyzing their last.

Cheng delong of passenger traffic monitoring system can slip accident prevention

By: xiaohe7383 | May 1, 2011 According to reports Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, January 19 9 am, Longhua territory in a road accident, resulting in six passengers died on the spot, while nine passengers were sent to hospital for treatment. Traffic police prima facie cause of the accident for the snow after the ice road, rollover when the driver brakes.
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