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Sell my house fast and its helpful benefits

By: Terra Celina | Mar 8, 2012 A nice house is a dream of every happy family. But repenting about the choice being made few years back is very hard to recover from. Whenever you think of shifting to a new address then only one thing that is required to give a result that is instant cash.

How to Put the “Fun” in Fundraising at the Office

By: Jennifer Daugherty | Mar 8, 2012 Are you or is your company doing some fundraising this year? There are various ways to go about it, but first and foremost is to form a fundraising committee. From there, let the brainstorming begin. Keep reading to discover some free or inexpensive and fun fundraising ideas.

Basic Steps Involved in Improving Your Business and Earning Profits

By: Mark Bennett | Mar 7, 2012 Besides the objective of making profit, you also need to give the basis of livelihood to your staffs. Your staffs' livelihood depends on your decision making efforts. Try to plan your objectives in a way that you can achieve your goals as well as provide ample opportunities for the people who work for you. Since the New Year has started you need to fi

Purpose of state charitable solicitation requirements

By: Alex Jordan | Mar 7, 2012 Every state has made some rules for the registration of charitable solicitations. A charitable organization functioning in a particular state has to meet state charitable solicitation requirements for smooth functioning of their organization

Because I am a Girl

By: Daniel Kidd | Mar 7, 2012 A high-tech ad on Oxford Street uses facial recognition technology to measure facial features of those who stand in front of the screen to determine gender. Why? So only girls and women who choose to can see the full ad. The advert was placed by Plan UK as part of their Because I am a Girl campaign. Denying boys and men access to the ad is meant to highlight the lack of choice faced by girls.

Disaster Relief India,Disaster Risk Reduction,Disaster Relief Organizations

By: India Internets | Mar 2, 2012 IGSSS is a non-governemntal organization working for the marginalized section of the society and help to make their life sustainable.
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