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Promote your Brand Professionally through Impressive Letterheads

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 16, 2013 Looking professional in front of your customers and prospects is important in generating new leads. With the market getting more and more saturated with different businesses today, it becomes crucial to look competent, polished, and organized.

The Value of Colored Posters in Marketing

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 16, 2013 Print marketing remains an important part of every business’ marketing campaign. Although there are queries as to the value of this marketing technique to businesses, traditional printed materials is still the best when it comes to target marketing.

Greeting Card Etiquettes to Establish Good Customer Relationships

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 16, 2013 Despite the popularity of instant messaging, Twitter, and email, the use of greeting cards in business communications cannot be underestimated.

Postcard Printing - The Answer to your Budget Problem

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 16, 2013 Billboards, newspaper ads, and Yellow Pages listings are just some examples of marketing tools. These tools, if done consistently, can cost you thousands of dollars but there’s no guarantee that you will get response.

How to Best Use Hang Tags

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 16, 2013 Looking for ways to get your brand in front of people in a memorable and creative manner? Perhaps you might want to consider hang tag printing.

Why a Good Headline is Important in a Marketing Material

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 16, 2013 When you look at a material, what’s the first thing that notice? Is it the message, the image, or perhaps the offer? Most likely, the thing that will grab your attention first will be the headline.

Rack Cards —Low Cost, High Impact, and All-Inclusive Advertising Tool

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 14, 2013 No company or business owner can expertly say that they don’t need any form of advertising. Whether it is a small or big business, companies have to be advertised.

Economical Marketing Approaches for Small Businesses

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 14, 2013 Small businesses are often faced with a lot of problems when structuring their marketing campaign. Topping the list is the budget.

Gain Long-Term Loyalty through the Help of Greeting Cards

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 14, 2013 Marketing your business doesn’t end when customers start coming in. The influx of customers is actually the start of your marketing campaign.

How to get your Postcards in your Customer’s Hands

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 14, 2013 Most marketing materials used today have the logo and the business name imprinted on them. Whatever the material is, regardless of size and design, the logo and name can’t be left behind.
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