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Keeping Customers Happy through a Simple Thank You

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 14, 2013 The primary goal of a lot of business owners is to generate new customers in order to expand their customer base.

Letterhead Printing—Still an Indispensable Marketing Tool

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 13, 2013 No matter what products or services you sell, there will be hundreds or even thousands of potential customers out there who will be willing to invest their money on you.

Supercharging your Promotional Hang Tags

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 13, 2013 No matter how impressive your products or services are or how grand your marketing ideas are, the truth is small businesses don’t have the budget to carry out elaborate and expensive marketing campaigns.

Conquering the Market with Postcard Marketing

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 13, 2013 Which do you think will get better response: an email ad sent daily which will most likely end up in the spam folder or a postcard sent once a month but will be easily noticeable?

How to Create a Concrete and Solid Marketing Campaign

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 13, 2013 Been doing different marketing strategies but still your efforts are futile? There seems to be no increase in customers and even in sales and profits.

Not Getting Enough Sales? Here are Top 9 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 13, 2013 After all the trainings, researches, expert advices, and value propositions, a lot of businesses still complain of not getting enough revenue.

Learning from your Mistakes: 7 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 13, 2013 After years in business, you probably know by now what makes your business fail or succeed. Perhaps you have already mastered the pattern of what works and what doesn’t.

Customer Intimacy: A Strategic Way of Building Customer Relationships

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 13, 2013 Customer intimacy brings growth, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage like nothing else. But when we talk about intimacy we don’t mean getting your customers into bed—unless you sell beds.

Breaking Bad Habits: 4 Bad Practices Entrepreneurs should Avoid

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 13, 2013 In business, there are a lot of things to learn and relearn. New technologies are introduced consistently.

How to Sustain the Growth of a Small Business amid Economic Downturns

By: John Ray Daniels | Sep 13, 2013 Small businesses are important for the growth of the economy. Although they don’t have the financial capacity of big businesses, they help support local communities in expanding job opportunities.
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