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Atlantic Toyota Prius Fans: the Prices Are In, the Releases Are Coming

By: Adrienn Porta | Oct 1, 2011 There have been many pricing announcements lately for other Toyota vehicles, and the announcement has finally arrived for the two Prius models that shoppers have been anticipating for more than a year.

Fuel Mileage Concerns Stalling Road Trips? Possibly, Americans Drive Fewest Miles Since 2003

By: david porta | Oct 1, 2011 In June, AAA forecasted a decline in miles traveled for the Fourth of July weekend. Fuel mileage and fuel economy are still on the minds of many as Americans have now driven the fewest miles since 2003.

NY Hyundai Shoppers: Ready for Blue Link Technology? The 2012 Sonata Is

By: steve porta | Sep 30, 2011 As the 2012 models roll out to customers, there are new technologies that are coming with them. NY Hyundai dealer Long Island City Hyundai is excited to offer the 2012 Sonata with Blue Link.

Used Nissan Queens Shoppers Enjoy Exclusive Programs at Nemet Nissan: Lifetime Warranty Anyone?

By: steve porta | Sep 30, 2011 Some dealerships offer their customers exceptional service, but others like Nemet Nissan go beyond great service and specials. New and used Nissan Queens vehicles are available at Nemet Nissan with a Lifetime Warranty to take care of the unexpected.

Queens Nissan One to One Rewards and Nissan Loyalty Programs: Two Ways Nemet Nissan Serves Buyers

By: steve porta | Sep 30, 2011 Nemet Nissan wants its customers to know what it offers. Queens Nissan shoppers may enjoy different options such as the Nissan One To One Rewards and Nissan Loyalty programs.

Asia Pacific Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook to 2015 - China and Taiwan Leading the Demand

By: AMMindpower | Sep 28, 2011 AM Mindpower Solutions announces the release of its new research report titled “Asia Pacific Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook to 2015 - China and Taiwan leading the demand”. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the Solar PV industry across the Asia Pacific Region. It includes a detail analysis of the Asia Pacific as a region with further analysis on solar PV market in various countri

Fuel Mileage, Is There a Straight Answer to Which Vehicle is the Most Efficient?

By: david porta | Sep 27, 2011 With multiple vehicles available claiming to be more efficient than their competitors, what does efficient fuel mileage really mean? completed its Fuel-Sipper Smackdown 4 to test the next group of efficient models.

MI Dealers Should Know: Don't Stalk Your Customers

By: david porta | Sep 27, 2011 Plenty of companies work to bring a different advertising spin to their customers. Some companies like Toyota have tried to bring creativity into the mix but being sued probably wasn't in the plan. Good thing MI dealers know better.

Car Recalls Recapped: What is Happening in the Recall World? MI Auto Times Shares

By: david porta | Sep 21, 2011 More than 750,000 vehicles have been included in car recalls from different major automakers and all within the first full week of September. MI Auto Times share the details of the latest recalls.

Michigan Buick Dealers: Less Like Dealerships More Like Exclusive Hangouts

By: david porta | Sep 21, 2011 There are dealerships that are not only going above and beyond with their service, but are also renovating their dealerships to be so high-end some Michigan Buick dealers are looking less like dealerships with much more exclusivity.
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