Project management

Water filters in Las Vegas Help you Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

By: Derren Brown | Apr 12, 2013 Services that keep the germs at bay and your family safe are more than welcome in any house.

Semi-custom houses – a viable option for property buyers

By: downtown | Apr 3, 2013 While buying a house or selling property, it is imperative to contact a real estate agent to make the most profitable deal. It is not only about profit, property exchanges are generally very long processes that demand for extensive research, market surveys and at last, a reliable person to do business with. It is just like another job that requires lots of time and effort. To save this time, a pro

A Guide to Project Management Qualifications

By: Michelle Symonds | Mar 22, 2013 It is useful to know what project management qualifications are available and how to choose between them. Whether you are a graduate considering a career in project management, a professional looking to progress up the career ladder or you simply wish to enhance your employability.

Motivating Your Project Team

By: Michelle Symonds | Mar 22, 2013 Part of the success in delivering a high quality end product within time and budget constraints is down to the working environment created during a project. You will need to use your leadership skills to motivate your project team – meaning each individual within your team strives to generate their best quality work and consistently meet targets.

Project Management - From the Perspective of Your Team

By: Michelle Symonds | Mar 22, 2013 Regular assessment of your project management style is a good way to develop and learn as a professional. Self-evaluation as well as considering feedback from others will help with this.

Using BPM in Public Sector IT Management

By: Tim Roberts | Mar 21, 2013 The public sector in the United States spends a considerable amount of money on IT. With increasing reliance on technology in the workplace, it is simply not practical to use the paper audit trails any longer, and BPM can provide a replacement for these.

Time Tracking Software: Why Your Business Needs It

By: Anthony Codispoti | Mar 16, 2013 Time is lost is time wasted. This is an old adage that while most people agree with, do not necessarily live up to. Time is always of the essence (another cliche) and businesses should always be mindful of the time that their employees spend during their work hours.

5 key tips for successful delegation

By: Michelle Symonds | Mar 2, 2013 For some project managers it can be hard to delegate certaintasks within a project, particularly those you can do well yourself. But the best project managers do very little hands on project activity, instead they focus on managing the team, the time and the tasks.

What Prince2 Practitioners need to know about APMP

By: Michelle Symonds | Mar 2, 2013 As a Prince2 Practitioner you already know the value of this methodology, particularly in certain industries. But APMP is a project management methodology that is more knowledge based and can be used with Prince2 to create a more rounded set of project management skills.

12 things you should be doing right now to motivate your team

By: Michelle Symonds | Mar 2, 2013 Resources for projects are typically time, money and people (and maybe equipment) and a project manager has to effectively manage all of these different resources, with their interactions and interdependencies. But managing the people is arguably the most complex with the need to keepthem motivated, enthused and focussed on the end product.
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