Project management

How to Work With Virtual Assistants

By: Lawrence Perry | Mar 10, 2012 Many entrepreneurs at present have gone to the challenge of outsourcing. Try listing down your daily routine schedule and focus on the workload you get.

What Is Project Management Software and How It Evolved into Complex Systems?

By: Project Management | Mar 9, 2012 Marketing specialists with software vendors still experience difficulties to explain what is project management software when the matter in question is to convince responsible corporate executives to purchase a particular product designed to help enterprises manage their projects and corporate programs.

Pattern of Project Management

By: Jake Sulivan | Mar 9, 2012 Read this useful article to learn about some basic patterns of project management.

Croydon council regeneration plans

By: JUSTINE | Mar 8, 2012 Key areas of Central Croydon, East Croydon and West Croydon have been given new detailed information displays showing regeneration plans for these areas. Thirty exciting detailed projects have been highlighted on vivid information boards giving data about the plans and the locations and types of new builds planned for other areas of regeneration.

Should Enterprises Invest In Project Management Tools

By: Project Management | Mar 7, 2012 When computer-based technologies started to gain popularity among top executives in the early 1980s, spreadsheet solutions were considered as must-have project management tools, highlighting the importance of the project management concept for running a successful business.

Are We Abandoning Mom and Dad to the Government’s Hands?

By: winston jenkins | Mar 2, 2012 Today, Americans live longer than at any time in history. As life expectancies continue to increase in Texas and throughout the developed world, the physical care of the elderly becomes an ever-burgeoning issue.

Time Management In Project Management

By: Ioan Lucian | Feb 22, 2012 Time management is the act of planning, controlling and finally executing specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity.

Solar Power and Heat System India

By: Michle John | Feb 21, 2012 Among the many developments of the bygone century that is all set to change the way we consume natural resources and distribute their output to our benefit is that of the Solar Power consumption.

Features of Valuable Project Tracking Software

By: Project Management | Feb 21, 2012 Project tracking software used by business customers usually is incorporated into more complex project management systems that allow not only for project tracking but for planning, scheduling, and allocating resources to projects and sets of projects (programs) run by enterprises.

Can Too Much Project Planning Be Bad For Your Project?

By: Michelle Symonds | Feb 14, 2012 Planning a project is vital to its success but some restraint is necessary during the planning stage. If the planning phase takes on a life of its own it can waste valuable project resources.
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