Social Media Optimization and Websites: The Inseparable Duo

By: Raj Srivastav | Mar 27, 2012 Thanks to social media powerhouses such as Facebook and Twitter, companies worldwide have begun implementing strategies that take advantage of these applications’ abilities to connect with the millions of subscribers every day.

Using Google's Local Business Center to Help Your Business Get Found on the Web

By: Annetta Powell | Mar 27, 2012 Suppose you are searching online for a web design company. Once you enter the web design keywords, what do you notice? Which ones are on the top results? How do you think these companies manage to appear firsts in the list? Is it also possible for your business to get found this easy? The answer is yes, without a doubt.

Social Media and the Hotel Industry

By: B Culture Media | Mar 27, 2012 Some prominent hotels have found clever ways to leverage social media to keep it more “social” and less of a sales pitch. For example, the MGM Grand started a “Confessions Campaign” on Twitter where they asked their followers to tweet their sins which stimulated a livestream of people tweeting their sins. Other people could re-tweet which sins were forgivable or unforgivable. After cruisin

Stimulating The Audio Success Through Speaker Wires

By: joshedavid | Mar 25, 2012 Any better audio system is judged by the quality of materials which are in use like the amplifier, speaker and other instruments like DVD player and accessories.

Why To Go For Experienced Facebook Application Developers

By: Alisa Rozzy | Mar 24, 2012 Facebook is the most popular social media of present times and a facebook application development is the sure way to succeed in the highly competitive internet market and to increase the traffic to your website.

How Social Media Helps Businesses

By: B Culture Media | Mar 24, 2012 Customer loyalty is the stepping stone to positive word-of-mouth. Social media has revolutionized this by giving consumers the ability to see who their friends and colleagues are “liking” on Facebook, “following” on Twitter or “subscribing to” on YouTube effortlessly.
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