Strategic planning

Purpose of General Fraud Recovery Master Plans

By: adams brad | Sep 25, 2012 There are many generic business plans available on the Internet. Even the plans created by most planning firms for dealing with business frauds are quite generic. Custom recovery plans are made only when the fraud has been identified.

Master Plans Should Make Scam Reporting Easy and Safe

By: adams brad | Sep 24, 2012 People who indulge in scams and frauds can be identified if your employees are alert. If reported in time, a scam can be easily averted. You just need to ensure that your employees feel safe while reporting a suspicious activity.


By: Seenath Kumar | Sep 17, 2012 Predictive analytics includes a variety of techniques to understand facts and truths about our past and present and accordingly make decisions regarding the future.

Common Business Plan Complaints from Investors

By: Adams Brad | Aug 29, 2012 Business plans are written with a purpose. The most common purpose is securing loans and investors. While your focus is only on one business plan, investors need to go through many plans at the same time.

If you're In Business Then These are The Key Rewards Of Implementing A Customer Partnership Management Technique

By: muhammad irfanuddin | Aug 13, 2012 Should you actually want to succeed inside your company ventures then it can be quite essential that you simply have systems that will present you with accurate information when you need to have it. This article explains the benefits of CRM and ERP systems.

Boss Digital Asia Helps You To Boost Your Business

By: Eti Sharma | Jun 18, 2012 One of the latest trends now in terms of technology is the Internet. The Internet is a worldwide network of computers that offer the sharing of information through WWW or World Wide Web.

Creating a Social Media Strategy

By: Sarah Dessen | Jun 15, 2012 The article discusses about the ways and means with which one can work on his/her social media strategy.

The Premier League could learn much from Spain when it comes to harnessing the power of Big Data

By: Jason H Walker | Jun 10, 2012 We all know that Chelsea may have won this season’s UEFA Champions League Final, but who the real winner was financially? Well, you might be surprised to learn that it was Barcelona FC, the team Chelsea surprisingly beat in those one-sided semi –finals. Why is the Catalan club likely to earn more than not just the team from the King’s Road but the rest of the English Premier League? Because

Supply Chain Interim Management

By: Kate Web | Jun 7, 2012 In order for a company to be organised and productive its supply chain needs to work efficiently. Careful management of all aspects of the supply chain is essential to ensure a business’s success.

Build Business Relationships for Better Prospects

By: BurgessBug | Jun 4, 2012 Business relationships helps build bonds and remove the superficial glitches or issues that one may encounter. If you are looking to offer some of the best services of your time then going for building relationships will certainly work out for you.
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