Innovate, Partner or Perish

By: Channel Dynamics | Feb 25, 2013 I’m not normally an early adopter, but I was one of the first people to buy a Windows mobile phone. And I loved it. It let me receive email, synced with my diary and contained all my contact details. Then Apple released the iPhone. And it took me a few years (like I said, I’m not an early adopter) but eventually I switched. Because Windows hadn’t really innovated after that first release, w

Social Media for Partners: For and Against

By: Channel Dynamics | Feb 25, 2013 The words social media have managed to insinuate themselves into the business vernacular with alacrity. But less rapid has been the ability of businesses to understand what they need to do about it. In this CRN head-to-head, Australian tech industry experts Tony Gattari, from the Achievers Group, and Moheb Moses from Channel Dynamics, offer different opinions on social media’s role in the busine

9 Ways to Beat the Economic Downturn

By: Channel Dynamics | Feb 25, 2013 Let’s face it, in the past few weeks economic indicators haven’t exactly been cheery. The Reserve Bank cut interest rates again because of tightening global economic conditions, worldwide stock markets tumbled on the face of global uncertainty, and vendors and analysts aliek are slashing forecasts.

Cornerstones of Successful Team Presentations

By: Tris Brown | Nov 27, 2012 Certainly if you are presenting on your own and it’s your personal and your company’s reputation at stake (not to mention a potential sale), you are going to prepare your pitch very carefully.

Where the Rubber Meets the Customer Loyalty Road

By: Tris Brown | Nov 26, 2012 If you as a supervisor want to build a customer service team that is fully engaged in their work and motivated to go beyond simple customer satisfaction to building customer loyalty, you need to design a performance environment that encourages and supports this goal.

Benefits of Learning Management System

By: StephieBrown | Nov 22, 2012 Due to the continuous change in the changing technology it becomes important for the employees to get themselves updated.

Series 7 License Exam Prep

By: Sam Page | Sep 21, 2012 A greater demand in recent years has been seen for Series 7 License for those who want to sell financial products. It has become one of the more popular designations, as it allows the licensed professional to sell nearly every kind of individual security. For example, call options, preferred stocks, common stocks and bonds can be sold by someone holding the Series 7 license. The products that cann

Factoring Charges – What Is It

By: Ankit Maru | Jul 8, 2012 You sell your invoices or account receivables in your business to some third party at a discount, this is called factoring or factoring charges. Factor is the name given to the third party.

Strategies employed for the Technical Audits to meet industry standards

By: Safi Qudsi | Jun 28, 2012 Technical Audits are done to oversee the activities that are being carried out in an organization and to have the detailed account of all such events. The main purpose of these technical audits is to examine how well the planned or design criteria are met by the project members within the allocated time frame and budget.

First aid certification courses – A Review

By: Mike Stewart | Jun 28, 2012 Accidents occur every day, some worse than the other. These kinds of unfortunate events can happen with anyone. Being unprepared to deal with these kind of scenarios can leave you handicapped and you might just lose the very important life in the process. There has to be a great deal of emphasis of receiving first aid training so that people can handle such situations and react to them responsibly
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